Birthday events are someone’s special day when he/she was born therefore it revolves around the person whose birthday it is. It is an occasion to celebrate the event of his/her coming to this world. The friends and the families acknowledge it by wishing that person happy birthday and help him commemorate the anniversary of his/her birth.

The manner in which Birthday events are celebrated is universal. The celebration of birthday parties usually include a cake, presents from the people who are close to the person whose birthday it is and some amusing games and activities to entertain the guests.

The cake is cut by the birthday person which is followed by applause from the people present in the room. Before cutting the cake, he/she makes a wish and blow the candles. Then he/she feeds a chunk of the cake to every guest.

A birthday is also celebrated to be thankful for the health and good life in the previous year and to pray for happiness and good health in the coming years. It can also be taken as a chance to start afresh and make resolutions to achieve some goals.

If nothing else, a birthday provides a reason to celebrate and be happy because who doesn’t like to get presents. You can have a birthday by inviting a few special friends and have fun. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to socialize and strengthen your relationships with friends and families.