Every culture and every nation in the world has some occasions commemorate and celebrate something. People have always found something to celebrate as if it is the nature of human beings to find some reason to be joyous. There are hundreds of rituals, rites, and celebrations in various cultures that are thousands of years old.

Special events are more like a reason to escape from routinely drudge and be spend some time with friends and family and spread happiness. Most of the happenings are led up to with great enthusiasm, involve festivity and exchange of gifts. Every season has its own colors and way of celebration that distinguishes it from other festivities. There are kinds of dresses that can only be worn on particular events. Similarly, there are certain activities that can only be done on specific occasions like rites and rituals. However, some of these activities are more casual and informal than rites and rituals for example “egg hunt” is played on Easters.

Some occasions are based on some religious beliefs like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Eid. All such occasions that are celebrated by a large group of people cultivate a sense of community. These occasions provide an opportunity to bond with friends and family by commuting and interacting with them.
In addition to cultivating stronger bonds between people and adding excitement to lives, some occasions give a sense of significance to our lives, create good memories with loved ones that last forever and help us understand our position in the circle of life.