The best reward for the teachers is to see their students succeeding and thriving in life. They demand nothing else from their students and keep on providing their services to the young generation. The teacher appreciation day is usually celebrated on the 5th of October which is also known as “Teachers’ Day.” Sometimes the school or college organizes a teacher appreciation day or week separate from the “Teachers’ Day” to applaud the selfless services of the whole staff or any particular teacher who has been retiring.

On the teacher appreciation day or week, students can give a present to their favorite teacher but it not obligatory to do that. An appreciation speech, a card saying “thank you,” or simply saying “thank you” to the teacher would do.

There are hundreds of different ways to show appreciation to your teachers. You can start a small monthly or yearly magazine to let know the students about the achievements of your teachers. You can also start a blog to share your favorite teacher’s lectures with others in hopes that they will recognize your teacher and get help for them.

There are certain activities that students can do on the Teacher Appreciation day to acknowledge their teacher’s services. They can get their teacher a personalized plate or stone on which everyone in the class writes “thank you” for the teacher. Moreover, students can make their individual cards and write a thoughtful message for their favorite teachers. If the students want to say “thank you” in style, they can stage performances for the teacher.