A baby shower party is organized to commemorate the impending birth of a child. It celebrates the conversion of a woman into a mother. Usually, baby showers are arranged for the first child of a couple and only female guests are invited to ensure exclusivity and more amusement among the women.

A baby shower party usually involves gift-giving to prepare the mother-to-be for the noble role of a mother. A close friend of the mother-to-be arranges the party and invites other close female friends to restore the spirit of the pregnant woman who has already been to a lot of difficulties and help her get mentally ready for the delivery.

The friends of the mother-to-be give her such items as gifts that will help her take care of the child. The gifts include items like a diaper bag, burp cloths, changing pad and table. They also include gifts for the coming baby for example toys and baby clothes.

There are several games that are played on a baby shower. The most popular of the games is “guess the poop.” Other popular games include “guess the baby game,” “baby items in the bag” and “memory games.” All the games at a baby shower are intended to raise the spirit of the mother-to-be.

You will find everything you need to know about a baby shower. We have compiled a list of baby shower games to encourage the festivity at the party. Moreover, there are lists for the practical gifts that will help the soon-to-be-mother.