The only good thing about holiday parties is that you won’t have to come to the office after that for a few days. If you are a boss of a company, a holiday party is a good opportunity for you to boosts your company morale and better the company culture. You can also enhance your employees’ satisfaction level in the company.
If you are trying to implement a more traditional office culture in the company, you can plan a black-tie party and choose a theme for it. You won’t be able to change the company culture a lot this way and neither should you try too hard to change it in one party.

The holiday parties at the office is a good way to increase interaction between the employees and grow friendly feelings between them. The party brings together subcultures of different departments and gives them a sense of a team.

There are a number of activities to do at a holiday party. Such activities and games allow the employees to interact with each other and the upper management. In this way, the office environment will become more pleasant for everyone which, in turn, will increase the retention level.

You can plan a holiday party with some particular theme as well to induce more casual office culture. Moreover, it can be taken as an opportunity to show appreciation to the employees who have done extraordinary work for the company giving out bonuses to enliven the party.