Social Gatherings can be made more fun with some entertaining party games. They can be categorized into Indoors, outdoor, explicit, and large group party games. Games at the parties are the best way to facilitate interaction and recreation among the guests. A group fun activity becomes necessary to add to the festivity of any occasion.
Party games also define the mood and atmosphere of the party. Some games have increased competition, some are more lively, and some games are played to know other guests (icebreaker games).

These games are designed to let people socialize better. Therefore, they can be played by multiple players. Some games need cards to play.

There are separate fun games for kids and for adults, but some games can be played by both. Games for kids usually involve role-playing and imagination. Party games for children contain more physical activity than adults’ games. On the other hand, adults’ games often need less physical movement.
These games demand more interaction and cooperation between the participants. The games that do not encourage this increased interaction are considered evil and boring.
If you are hosting a party, then try to avoid any sport to be played as any physical disability in the player may limit his/her participation. Choose games like charades, Cranium, and Pictionary instead.

This page includes all the party games that can be played on different occasions like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, baby shower, bridal shower, Bachelor party, farewell party, birthdays, and Fiesta party. The games for each of the mentioned occasions are further divided between games for the kids and for adults.