Unique corporate gift ideas for your clients

Unique corporate gift ideas for your clients

Sep 25, 2018 | Corporate Gifts


In this corporate world, it is absolutely necessary to share the happiness and grieves with your clients. Whether it is their happy moment or yours, it always feels like a challenge on making a choice of what to give on what occasion. Hopefully, you have come here searching for the answer to this same question. Well, you are in the right place. We have put together a list of best corporate gift ideas to help in choosing the right gift for your client.

 We are humans after all, and we always want to improve our relationship with our clients and colleagues. So giving a well thought present to your client or colleague will definitely make them love you, and choosing something that they will use on daily basis will make them remember you for long. The aim of this post is to present some well-thought ideas for a gift to give to your client which may help you in growing your business. This will really improve the reputation of you as well as your company. The recommendations given in this article are based on how well you want to connect with your client.


1. Imprinted Keychain and wallet with your company logo.

keychain as a gift
This is perhaps one of the cheapest options in terms of finance for you. A keychain and wallet set with your company’s logo is something that will be useful for your client. This will also help you in doing a bit of publicity. So make sure to keep a bunch of imprinted keychains and wallets for your clients. The should be fancy and of better quality.

You can also accompany the set with imprinted water bottles. This will make it a good choice for imprinted corporate gifts.


2. Imprinted Mugs

Imprinted mug as a corporate gift

If you know that your client is fond of coffee or tea, then this is one of the better choices of gifts to give to your client. You can have your company’s logo and a custom personalized message imprinted on a mug. They might use that mug on their desk in the office, or in the house on their coffee table. This is also among the gifts which will not cost that much while keeping your client happy that you care for them.


3. Travel Accessories

corporate travel gift

If your client travels a lot, then you can consider giving him a travel bag. A good choice would be to give him a leather bag. You can also give him a toiletry bag. Just make sure that the material used is water-proof. When he will be using it on a plane or in a hotel, your brand logo will be noticed on the bag by people. 🙂


4. Pen and Notebook set

pen and notebook gift

This is always a good choice for getting free publicity. Such pen & notebook sets can be used to give as a gift to clients as well as distributed on events. Most people like these and make use of notebooks. Just make sure that the notebook and pen have your branding especially the quality of pen needs to be top notch.


5. Membership Gift

membership gift

Know some club that your client is fond of? Give them a membership gift of their favorite club or an exclusive group. This definitely impresses them if you are sure of their interest. Most people are sure to make use of memberships and such gifts are really hard to ignore. Just make sure that the membership you are getting for the client matches their interest. They might have mentioned that in their conversations with you. So use your best judgment on that!


6. Books

If your client is into reading books, then giving a book as a gift is a great choice. Although most people are not fond of reading books, this is an old classic choice, some people still love them to have on their side table of bed for night reading or on a coffee table while enjoying a warm cup of coffee.

Give a personal touch by writing some words for the client on the inside of the front cover of the book to make your client feel special. Don’t give anything that is political or something that may collide with their beliefs. A general good choice for a book is either a biography of a favorite personality of your client or some famous novel.


7. Fitness related Stuff

fitness mat as a gift

Fitness magazine subscriptions, fitness trackers or even a mat for yoga is something that you can give to your client If you think that they workout indoors. An even better choice would be to have them in a fitness program. Most people love it and after all, they are getting for free. So hopefully they will make good use of it. This will make them feel a sense of gratitude towards you!


8. Gift Basket

basket as a gift

This is another classic choice. Prepare a gift basket with small goodies or chocolates and have it wrapped in a fancy sheet. This also does not cost much so you can consider giving a gift basket to your client to make them feel very special. Especially on birthdays, this is among pretty natural choices for a gift. This will add high value to your relationship with the client.

You can also use this idea for corporate events with your branding on it. Make a gift box full of chocolates and other goodies is a good option too.


9. Magazine Subscriptions

magazine as a gift

Buy your client a subscription to a famous magazine as a gift and they will be yours forever! This should be relevant to your client’s interests. They will definitely love it!


10. Handmade Cookies

cookies as a gift

If you know cooking or know a famous place where handmade cookies are available, then this is absolutely killer choice as a gift to give to your customer. Out of all the ideas mentioned above, this is the one which will make your customer feel very special. It is a perfect gift if your client likes cookies. Most people love them since they require some effort and has better taste. You can also cook them for your client if you know how to cook!

11. Something related to pets

pet gifts

You have a wide variety of products to choose from if your client has a pet that they love! This can be some wearable or some subscription like pupbox! Even high-quality food for their pet is also a good choice as a gift.


12. Watches and bracelet as a gift

watches as a gift

This is perhaps the most expensive choice of all options. And this is definitely a winner if your client loves watches. Male or female, watches are liked equally by all. You just need to make sure that it does not go out of your budget. There are some replicas watches available too, but don’t choose them as a gift to your customers. Try to buy a branded one that they will love.

For female clients, a bracelet is another choice that you can give as a gift. Ladies love such gifts. And they will most likely wear these everywhere. So choose wisely. Or perhaps you can give them a gift card to a jewelry shop so she can choose something herself.


Other options of best ideas for corporate gifting are:


13. Something useful for client’s kids like a Barbie doll, a cycle or an action figure etc.
14. Something related to your culture.
15. Donate to their charity or charity for a cause that they support. This is one of the best corporate gifts that you can give.
16. Tickets to a travel destination. If they are married recently, and if you can afford it, then it is also a good choice. Your client will never leave you!
17. Calendars with your brand.

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