14 Adorable Gifts for 11 year Old Girls in 2020

Are you facing problems in choosing gifts for your 11 year old girls? Or want to buy a gift for a friend’s daughter, niece or that cute girl in your neighbor on her birthday or Christmas?

No worries, because in this guide I am going to help you out and give you top ideas for gifts for 11-year-old girls.

Finding an appropriate gift for girls of eleven is a pretty hectic job. When the girls usually reach middle school at the eleven-year, they easily become attracted to the things surrounding them to play with, e.g.; the young girl of this age is eager to learn how to cook, apply makeup, hairstyles and they try to fit in bigger shoes of their parents, etc.

You don’t need to worry about it because we all have done these sorts of things when we were kids. However, it is a difficult task for the parents to stop them and try to engage their 11-years old girl in some fruitful games and activities, simultaneously that could help the development of their cognitive domain.

Therefore, the best gifts for 11-year old girls are the toys that could bring up the creative side and help her to enrich her knowledge with more proficiency in the most effective and playful way.

But together, it’s a challenging responsibility of the parents, due to loads of the latest toys in the market. Hence, parents remain indecisive about what is the better choice to make and end up holding their heads in the maze of so many toys. No problem because I am here to help you in this matter.

Grip Some Significant Elements

Before moving ahead, you need to keep in mind a few, but important elements while buying a gift for your growing girl.

Age factor

Make sure the toy you are buying is compatible with the age of your girl. You can see the toy suitability age range on the manual or the description of that toy.

Is it safe?

Don’t ignore the safety of your girl. Make sure the toy meets all the safety standards and is easy to handle or play in your absence too.

Is this toy you are looking for?

For instance, we aim to buy a skateboard, but end up buying a ride-on kids car, and regret our decision later. So better to be focused on what exactly you want to buy and not to divert from it.

Go with the Interest of your girl

If your kid loves to see you cooking, buy something that enhances her interest in baking if she has an interest in drawing, buy her a craft kit. Likewise, try to buy a gift that she has a great likeness.

Say no to the latest

It is not an encouraging thing if your kid doesn’t know how to play with the latest mechanic toys. It’s alright, you don’t need to throw your money on these expensive toys, let them play with the toys they fancy and don’t burden them with your expectation to learn these new technologies so quickly because no one wants to see those toys abundant in the depth of the closet. So try to make it easy for your kid and choose something simple and interesting as well.

Collection of top ideas for gifts for 11 year old girls

Click on any section below for quick navigation:

  1. Gifts for the girls who love cooking accessories
  2. Gifts for girls who love the makeover
  3. Gifts for girls who have a creative mind

Now let’s have a look at these gift ideas.

1. Gifts for the girls who love cooking accessories


A. Babycakes cupcake maker

Almost every girl loves to bake. It feels good to spend some time in the kitchen with your mom doing this interesting stuff. If your girl has an interest in baking, then this gift is the best choice to make. It allows her to make various cupcakes of her favorite colors and flavors. It is easy to use and clean without making any mess.

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B.   Leapfrog Musical rainbow tea set

This is a multicolor tea set, most amazing and adorable gift for your 11-years old girl who loves to play with her friends. This tea set help learn her about colors, counting, and matching themes. It plays tea party songs and has seven color flashes lights.

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C.   Gummy Candy Maker

Who doesn’t love to play with gelatin mixture and make different shapes? It is the best gift to 11-year old girls to eat and play concurrently. This candy maker allows making gummy fish, gummy bears and snakes. This makes it a great gift for girls


D.   Chocolate Pen

It is an amazing gift for chocolate lovers. This pen writes in chocolate.

Isn’t it a fun to write messages to your friends and family in chocolate? This pen allows your girl to draw chocolate flowers, stars, and design whatever she likes to write and can have so much fun with this pen.

E.   Playful sports mug

It is a mug with a hoop. If your girls used to play with her plates and mugs while eating and get bored with old crockery, this mug is a cool thing to buy and add some fun in her mealtime and make it interesting.

F.  Ice cream maker

Everyone loves to eat ice cream. Why not make it at home? It will be so enjoyable if your girl makes ice cream for the whole family isn’t it interesting? Of course, it is. Therefore, it is a great gift for your lovely girl; however, it allows your kid to make ice cream of different flavors and colors.

2. Gifts for girls who love the makeover

A.   Klutz nails style studio book kit

It is a perfect gift for girls who like to paint their nails. It contains different designs and colors with custom tools to make her nails pretty and classy; along with a manual to guide your princess, she will surely love it.

B.   Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Capturing photos is what we usually do daily and this is what our kids mostly see us doing nowadays. However, if your girl also has an interest in taking selfies and pictures of nature and everything surround her then this is a perfect gift for her. It is a high-quality camera, it might as well unleash a real photographer in her in the future.

C. Lip Balms

If your girl likes to apply lipstick and wants to copy her mother then don’t worry this lip smacker is a perfect substitute for them. It’s a non-dark and fleshy lip gloss but a pack of prominent cute light colors with different flavors.

D.   Hair chalk

Girls of 11 years are too young to dye their hair but they like to do it. Hair chalk is the best thing to give your girl, it is easy to apply and wash without any hair damage. It contains multi color and shades with sparkling glow.

3. Gifts for girls who have a creative mind

A.   Full art kit

It is the best crafting kit for art lovers. If your girl has an interest in art and drawing, then this is a perfect gift for her. It contains various pencil colors, markers, watercolor cakes, crayons, paint brushes, an eraser, and sharpeners along with a nice wooden case. It will help you to unlock the creative side of your girl.

B.    Animal kit

It is a junk collection, made up of high quality and non-toxic steel with all parts painted, can make different animals when assemble and easy to use with little focus and instinct.

Perfect for the kids who play in solitarily, have a creative mind and have sharp observation. It helps boost the imagination of your kid in the most enjoyable way.

C.   Perfume lab

Every kid love to play with portions, mixing different liquids and make new ones. Kids enjoy the change of colors, smell and texture by their little efforts. Perfect for kids who love experimenting and science. However, this set includes oil extracts and fragrances that allow your girl to make their own perfume by combining them and help explore new nice smells; it is safe to play with. In short, it is a mini lab station with a set of required equipment.

D.   Magnetic science

It is a perfect science kit for a kid who fascinates magnets and those who are curious to know how these invisible magnetic fields work. It helps build the desire to learn new things. It contains different magnets of a variety of shapes and sizes.  Check this out on Amazon

E.   Board games

There are various interesting board games you will find, every kid likes to play with. It is a good choice to make if you are willing to spend some quality time with your girl.

These are some pretty good ideas I have shared it with you, hope you have enjoyed the read and it will help you out of your predicament of choosing gifts for your little princess. Find out more on this link.