6 Awesome gifts for 5 year old girls in 2020

Once your child leaves the age of 4, they become more social and active. 5 is a special age for every child. Many children outset there education, reading books, and take an interest in sports. Giving gifts is considered as a sweet gesture. If you are giving some gifts to a 5-year-old girl, then find and buy all her favorite products. Make sure you pile them in a beautiful bundle or package. Make Sure you find some of the high-quality products which are user-friendly too. So here you go, follow the articles for the ideas for the best gifts for 5 year old girls. We hope that you like it!

Side note, if you are buying the fine motor, board game or craft kit for the girl. Find out the products which must contain some animated stuff on it.

Children love to take gifts as they give them happiness and joy. Well, not only the kids, adults love to take the gifts too. It is not necessary to give gifts on special occasions. Try to give gifts to your children after every 1-2 months. The small gifts not only make them happy but also soothe your heart too.

Here are some of the gifts for 5 year old girls that we have selected.


  1. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine
  2. Little fashionista 3-in-1 kit
  3. Robot Turtles game
  4. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
  5. Jessa Jellyfish Doll & Marisa Water Animal Figure
  6. Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Doll


Ideas for best gifts for 5 year old girls in 2020

1. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Singing is one of the most entertaining things. That your five-year-old young lady begins to appreciate now, this gift will help her to find the little musician in her.

Why she will love it: With this karaoke machine, your kid will feel like a hero! The karaoke machine has a base with blazing lights and an extendable stand. It also contains two karaoke amplifiers, which means your little princess can sing all her favorite songs on it.

What we like about it: The karaoke machine is a kid-friendly toy. 3-8 years children are able to use thing karaoke device! With two amplifiers, your youngsters won’t quarrel over whose turn it is. They can sing together.

Event: Christmas, birthday events.

2. Little fashionista 3-in-1 kitLittle Fashionista Themed 3 Crafts-in-1

This little fashionista box contains 3 main items. Each item has its own fun and creativity. All the items given along comes with instructions that will be helpful for your kid. The little girl will able to make bracelets, small pouches, and necklaces from this incredible kit. This perfect craft will engage your child to perfection. Your girl will get to know about different things related to fashion form this fashionista kit. This 3-in-1 kit also contains some supplies too.

Age: Children from 5-10 years can easily use it.

Pros: This little bundle of creativity works in 5 areas on development. Which includes intellectual, social, discourse and dialect, a fire engine, and gross engine. Through this 3-in-1 craft box, your children will able to use their own imaginative skills to make the desired thing. This kit will also improve the practical skills of your little girl.

Safety measures: All the items that come with the kit are safe to use. As it does not contain any toxic materials. But in the case of beads, look after your girls as they do not swallow those beads.


3. Robot Turtles game

Robot Turtles game
Robot Turtles Game is the diversion for little developers. This game provides an extremely fun approach to figure out how to code. The most supported table game in Kickstarter history. This tricky game shows preschoolers the essentials of programming, from coding to analysis. While making senseless turtle noises! Before you know it, your little one will compose PC commands as opposed to simply playing them!

Pros: your kid will get knowledge about computer programming. At this early age, your little girl will get the know-how about the coding stuff.

Safety measure: The game is user-friendly. But all those children who have eyesight problems should use fewer games. As it will affect their eyesight.

Advances: Programming Skills, Logic, Problem Solving

Ages: 4+


4. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

This is an outstanding watch is the best gift for the 5 years old girl! The smartwatch comes in blue or pale purple color. And it also has 2 Star Wars plans. The watch accompanies a few exercises, games and activities and also a movement sensor.

Pros: The VTech Kidizoom has a camera that can take photographs and recordings and voice chronicles. It additionally has some good times photograph impacts for children to alter their photographs. The watch additionally accompanies helpful highlights. The helpful highlights include alert, clock and stopwatch, and well as a date-book and number cruncher.

Specifications: The young lady’s smartwatch can be tweaked with a choice of more than 50 clocks confront styles. It’s sprinkle verification, which means it’s fine for open-air play. In any case, ought not to be utilized for showering or swimming. The watch can be revived, and a smaller scale USB is incorporated for exchanging photographs and recordings to a PC . This is perhaps the best pick for best gifts for 5 year old girls.


Age: children from 5-12 years can use this smart-watch.


5. Jessa Jellyfish Doll & Marisa Water Animal Figure

Jessa Jellyfish Doll & Marisa Water Animal Figure

Description: Every girl loves to play with dolls. In case you are planning to give your daughter a doll then this would be a great idea. Jessa Jellyfish doll is a mysterious changing hair shades doll. It is very popular among girls due to its charming jellyfish companion! The Enchantimals dolls are adorable characters. They are famous for sharing an exceptional bond with their creature companions.

Specifications: Her shading changing hair is charming. When you apply cold water on its hair then it will turn to dull blue. While the original hair color of the doll is dark blue. To transform the color back use the luck of warm water.

The 6″ doll wears a brilliant outfit. The blue and white bodysuit has a jellyfish-propelled theme. While the removable smooth skirt has an unusual shell print. Bubble outline and “limb” tulle pieces. A purple jellyfish enriches her headband. The doll has translucent shoes are glittery which are in glittery purple color.

The doll seems to be coordinating with bestie jellyfish. Which includes her hair shade, jellyfish facial highlights and wrist balance points of interest. Marisa jellyfish figure has a delightfully expressive face and can hold the seashell instrument. Play out a wide range of captivating stories with these charmed companions. And gather them all to jump into the universe of Enchantimals (each sold independently, subject to accessibility).


6. Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Doll

Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Doll

Barbie has a specific place in the heart of every girl. This doll has a dream sequence that attracts every girl towards it.

Details: The Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Doll accompanies 3 finish looks. Which include princess, pixie, and mermaid. By using the 3 get-ups the child will able to make their desired look. Every girl has it own barbie type. Does she transform into princesses? She can dress her Barbie in the princess dress and tiara. Are mermaids more her thing? Barbie can be spruced up with a tail, blades, and bathing suit top. Or on the other hand in the event that she can’t get enough pixies. Your girl can spruce up her doll in a vaporous dress and wings.

In the case that your kid is feeling inventive, she can blend and match the outfit pieces to make crossbreeds of her own. A princess mermaid? A pixie princess? She is just restricted by what she can envision.

What’s Great About It – One of the colossal things about this Barbie is that your kid does not need to pick one topic for the doll. The diverse conceivable outcomes are the doll’s most prominent interests. Your girl will practice her creative ability. As she thinks up new looks and stories for her children’s story doll.



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