13 Best Gift Ideas for Mentors that your mentor will admire in 2020

Gift Ideas for Mentors

Teaching someone something is a very honorable job. Everyone gets a mentor at least once in a life that makes a difference. The mentor can be your parents, teachers, instructors or any other person that teaches you something valuable that helps you throughout your life. Giving a thank you gift to mentors as a token of appreciation for their services is a delicate matter, therefore, it is better to ask your mentor beforehand if it would be alright to exchange gifts with him/her. A good mentor might agree and take the opportunity to teach you more by giving you a helpful book or anything like that. You have to be careful while choosing a gift for your mentor as personal gifts like jewelry, cologne, and articles of clothing are inappropriate. Such gifts show the level of intimacy that is not suitable for mentoring. Anything expensive is also inappropriate to give away to the mentors as such items can send wrong signals which can cause embarrassment. I have composed a list of gift ideas for mentors that you can use to find an appropriate gift for your mentor.

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug
  2. Glass frame with a personalized message
  3. Table Sculpture of a human figure
  4. Stationary Organizer
  5. Smart Key chain Organizer
  6. An Artistic Painting
  7. An Aesthetic Paperweight
  8. Desk Coffee Warmer
  9. A box of chocolates
  10. An elegant pen
  11. A notebook
  12. A book
  13. A thank you card

Personalized Coffee Mug

A personalized coffee mug or a mug with some thoughtful message will make a perfect gift for the mentor boss. This gift is an inexpensive and appropriate gift for the mentor at work.

Glass frame with a personalized message

A glass frame with a personalized message or with Easel appreciation poem for the teacher would make a good gift for professor mentor when you are graduating or he is retiring.

Table Sculpture of a human figure

This table sculpture of a human figure reading a book would make a great gift for the mentor in college. The sculpture is made up of iron and it can also be used as bookend on the shelf.

Stationary Organizer

Stationary organizers or artistic pen holders make good gifts for mentors as well. This pen holder is cheap and practical therefore it is appropriate to give to the mentors as well.

Smart Key chain Organizer

A smart keychain that can organize up to 22 keys will make a practical mentor gift. This keychain is made of stainless steel. It also contains a carabiner, a bottle opener, and a cash stash sim.

An Artistic Painting

You can also give an artistic painting as a thank you gift to your mentor. The painting that can define your relationship with mentor will be a perfect choice. How well you know your mentor and his/her aesthetic tastes will definitely help you choose the gift that he will like.

An Aesthetic Paperweight

A beautiful paperweight for desk can also be given to the mentors as a token of appreciation. Make your mentor feel loved with an aesthetic paperweight for his/her office.

Desk Coffee Warmer

A coffee warmer that can keep coffee warm all day long will be a perfect gift for your coffee-holic mentor at work.

A box of chocolates

If your mentor has ever disclosed it to you that he is a big fan of chocolate then do get him/her a box of chocolates to say “thank you.” Make sure your mentor is not diabetic for sure you do not want any trouble for him.

An elegant pen

There is no better gift for mentors than an elegant pen. Get your mentor a pen and let him/her know how much grateful you are to him for teaching you an important lesson in life.

A notebook

Get your mentor a notebook to show your gratitude. This notebook is cheap and has a good quality pages take make note-taking easy and efficient.

A book

You can gift your mentor his/her favorite book or the book he/she wanted to read or the book you want them to read.

A thank you card

You can simply give your mentor a card saying thank you with a special thoughtful message. It is simple but it would bring a smile on his face.

If your favorite teacher’s retirement is nearby, then you can prepare yourself and start thinking about the teacher retirement gift ideas.   Also, give a thought to these popcorn gift ideas if your mentor or loved one loves popcorn stuff! And if your school is ending soon, then consider these wonderful bus driver gift ideas .