Looking For Some Awesome 17th-Anniversary Gift Ideas – Find out Here

17th-Anniversary Gift Ideas

Having lived 17 years of life with the partner is as much an achievement as any. 17th-anniversary is as worth celebrating as any other anniversary. Amethyst or citrine is the traditional stone for the 17th anniversary. The alternative to amethyst or citrine stone gift for the 17th anniversary is furniture which does not seem romantic but it is way more practical than other ornaments plus it is a perfect investment. Articles of furniture are important items in every household and they can increase the beauty and comfort of a house multifold. The colour scheme of the anniversary is yellowish which means a yellow article of furniture with amethyst or citrine embellishment will be a perfect gift on the 17th anniversary. There is a wide range of choices available in the furniture from an exquisite bookshelf to a jewellery cabinet. Below are some of the 17th-anniversary gift ideas whether you want to follow the traditional 17th-anniversary gifts and colour scheme or not.

  1. Carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant
  2. Superior Amethyst Cluster
  3. ROTENIER "Classic" Sterling Silver Globe with Amethyst Cufflinks
  4. Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror
  5. Sauder 5 Shelf Bookcase
  6. Multi-Functional DIY Pen Holder Box
  7. NHI Express Aiden Champion & PU Recliner, Peat
  8. Home Office Writing Desk
  9. Outdoor Foldable Wooden Reclining Chair
  10. Buffet of Buffets Medium Cherry with Wood Top

Carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant

This purple, pear-shaped pendant has 1.50 carats of amethyst diamond. It also includes a sparkling sterling silver chain. It is one of the best gifts you can give her if you want to celebrate your 17th anniversary in a traditional way.

Superior Amethyst Cluster

If you are planning to go all out traditional, this raw amethyst cluster will be an ideal gift to your partner. This raw amethyst cluster is supported by the basalt mineral which occurs naturally where the amethyst is found.

ROTENIER "Classic" Sterling Silver Globe with Amethyst Cufflinks

Treat him with these amethyst cufflinks on the upcoming 17th anniversary of your happy marriage. The stone is shaped lie a globe that perfectly matches with the 17th-anniversary traditional theme.

Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror

Keeping in view the modern alternative of an amethyst gift, i.e. furniture, for the 17th anniversary this jewelry cabinet will be a perfect gift for her. It has 6 blue LED lights running on 3 AAA batteries which automatically light upon opening the door. Other important features of the cabinet are; real glass mirror, wall and door mount armoire, and wide space to contain all the jewelry.

Sauder 5 Shelf Bookcase

This simple yet elegant looking bookshelf will increase the grandeur of the study or whichever room it is placed in. It is available in six different color schemes to match the color scheme of your house.

Multi-Functional DIY Pen Holder Box

A wooden artifact like a pen holder or any other similar item would be perfect to match the “furniture” theme of the 17th anniversary. The linked product is a DIY stationery holder that can be used in the home as well as in the office. It needs to be assembled before use. The instructions for assembling it are included in the package.

NHI Express Aiden Champion & PU Recliner, Peat

Give your husband this heavy-duty, luxurious recliner to show him how much you care for his comfort.

Home Office Writing Desk

If your partner loves to read and write, this study desk will make the best gift for him. It has a wooden top and metallic frame. Wood combining with metal easily matches any room type.

Outdoor Foldable Wooden Reclining Chair

This foldable wooden reclining chair is perfect for outdoor use. Provide your partner with this to make the holidays more relaxing for her.

Buffet of Buffets Medium Cherry with Wood Top

This wooden buffet cabinet will be a beautiful addition to the house. It can be best used if you have a collection of china or books that you want to be displayed in the house. It also has utility drawers and cabinet doors where you store other utensils as well. The shelves of the cabinet are adjustable.