12 Interesting 45th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Your Partner will Love

Being with each other for 45 years is a great accomplishment that needs celebration. On the 45th anniversary, it is sure that you have spent a greater part of your life with your beloved than without him/her. On your 45th anniversary, you must be thinking about a gift that explains your journey with your partner. You can either look for a gift that clearly says “45” or you can opt for a more subtle and elegant gift. The traditional gemstone symbol for 45 anniversary is sapphire. Sapphire is considered to be the gemstone that symbolizes royalty and wisdom that one achieves at the age of 45. Your relationship with your partner is fully matured when you have spent 45 years of your life with your partner. You can celebrate this maturity of your relationship which an article of jewelry that has sapphire on it. Below are some 45th anniversary gift ideas that can help you search the perfect gift for your partner on the 45th wedding anniversary of your relationship.

  1. Created Sapphire Solstice Ring
  2. Tie Clips for Men
  3. Cufflink Box for Men
  4. Leather Jewelry Box
  5. Picture Frames Set of 10 Frames
  6. Artificial Bouquets with Ceramic Small Vase
  7. Broad Bay 45 Year Anniversary Sign Personalized Gift
  8. Plate (Flower)
  9. Watch with a Flat Dot Sunray Dial
  10. Duke Sapphire Fountain Pen
  11. Oval-cut Link Tennis Bracelet
  12. Solid Color Necktie

Created Sapphire Solstice Ring

It is a created sapphire ring with Ceylon blue color and brilliant sparkle. It is in .925 sterling silver with Rhodium finishing, exquisitely made by skilled craftsmen. It will make a perfect gift for your partner on the 45th anniversary.

Tie Clips for Men

An elegant tie clip can subtly add to the overall gentleman temperament of a man. This Sapphire colored embellishment will make him more eye-catching so it might be a good idea to gift him this tie clip on the 45th anniversary.

Cufflink Box for Men

If you want to let go of the sapphire tradition while choosing a gift to your husband on the 45th anniversary then this cufflink box will be a good present. It can hold about 70 cufflinks (35 pairs). A cufflink box serves well if you want to save them from falls, scratches, and dust. The case is made of high-quality carbon fiber with metal holder and a broad transparent glass on the top.

Leather Jewelry Box

Your wife must have gathered a lot of jewelry items by your 45th-anniversary, therefore, a jewelry box in which she can arrange and store all the articles of jewelry will be a useful gift to her. This jewelry box has a leather coating and is skillfully hand-lined in ivory suede material.

Picture Frames Set of 10 Frames

Celebrate the 45th anniversary of your life with your partner by relieving the special moments that you guys shared together. Make a gallery wall that includes all the perfect pictures of you two together with this set of elegant frames. The set includes 10 frames with the clear glass front which will make a perfect collage of pictures

Artificial Bouquets with Ceramic Small Vase

What would be a better gift for her other than ravishing blooms on your 45th anniversary? This small ceramic vase with silk-like coating and artificial bouquets will add grandiosity to any room where it is placed. The branches of the artificial bouquet can be adjusted freely at any desired angle.

Broad Bay 45 Year Anniversary Sign Personalized Gift

A personalized gift specially designed for celebrating 45 years of life together can add a great deal to the commemoration of the occasion. This personalized gift is made from solid maple wood in the USA. This present will be cherished as a keepsake for years to come.

Plate (Flower)

This signed and sealed signature plate is another personalized gift to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary. It will provide a fun activity during the celebration of the occasion. Both of you sign the plate and write messages for each other with the pen that is included in the package. Then bake it in the oven to make a great memento for the memorable occasion.

Watch with a Flat Dot Sunray Dial

Win his heart by treating him with this sophisticated watch. It has a blue sunray dial with sapphire-colored sunray dot and hands, a 40mm blue ion-plated stainless steel case, and a cognac leather strap which makes it perfect for the occasion.

Duke Sapphire Fountain Pen

Gift an elegant looking fountain pen to your partner who loves to write. This fountain pen with iridium nib will make a valuable gift for those who love to write your shared moments of happiness in the journal.

Oval-cut Link Tennis Bracelet

Treat her with this classic tennis bracelet with created blue sapphire on the 45th anniversary. It goes best with the evening attire.

Solid Color Necktie

This sapphire blue tie will enhance the gentleman look of your man. It is made from 100% polyester has Satin finish. It will go best with his 45th wedding anniversary dress.

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