Best Gifts for 11 year old boys in 2020

Choosing a gift for a young child who is growing up so fast was never easy. It becomes even more difficult when the child is a boy. Eleven years is still the age when the child enjoys silly, and fun presents which might be annoying for the grown-ups. Choosing a gift for an 11-year-old boy can be tricky because he is getting closer to teenage and does not want to be considered as a child anymore. In that case, he might seem too grown-up for simple toys like lego and pretend play games. In a similar manner, smartphones and iPad might not be suitable for his age when he hasn’t explored the world around him completely. Giving him a mobile phone or an iPad would be like alluring a storm before it was due. This article will help you find the “just perfect” gift for your eleven-year-old boy. I am gonna stir you away from the annoying toys and take you to the world of awesome and charming gifts that your 11-year-old pile of energy will love to have. Take a look at some of the best gifts for 11-year-old boys listed below.

  1. Gift T-Shirt
  2. Birthday 11 Years Old T-Shirt
  3. Magical T-Shirt
  4. Dabbing Skeleton Shirt
  5. Kids Explorer Kit
  6. Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit
  7. Outdoor Adventure Pack
  8. Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt
  9. Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt
  10. Nerf Rival Nemesis
  11. Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor
  12. NERF Rebelle Tribute Bow
  13. Rock Crawler Dune Buggy
  14. Mini Drone Easy to Fly
  15. RC Drones for Kids and Beginner
  16. Beginner Plane RTF
  17. Schwinn Koen Boy's Bike
  18. Albott Pro Stunt Scooter
  19. Self Balancing Flash Wheel Electric Scooter
  20. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners
  21. Sure-Grip Black Fame Roller Skate
  22. Mp3 Player
  23. Rechargeable Walkie Talkies
  24. ids Sports Watches Multi Function Waterproof
  25. Kids Headphones for School Children
  26. APEMAN Native 4K Action Camera
  27. Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Kids Beginners
  28. DIY Science Construction Stem Toy For Kids
  29. DIY Mechanical Robot Building Set

A Cool T-shirt

11 is the age when the child starts to become obsessed with “cool” so a cool t-shirt might be a good gift for a young boy of 11.

Gift T-Shirt

This shirt will be a perfect gift for the boy who loves video games. He will be happy to wear a shirt that shows that he is a gamer to the outside world. The shirt contains a subtle message that he is an 11-year-old now. You can check the variations of the shirt in the given link.

Birthday 11 Years Old T-Shirt

This shirt will give a nerdy outlook to its wearer and it is the kind of a gift that your 11-year-old will always remember. The message on the shirt stimulates the onlookers’ minds to think and solve the given mathematics problem. It is the best gift you can give to the child who loves mathematics.

Magical T-Shirt

This shirt is super fun and super cool for your young child. You can draw on the shirt using a UV emitting torch which is included int he package. You can also draw using a UV laser pen or the torch of a mobile phone. It works best in the dark and the drawing remains on the shirt up to 5 minutes.

Dabbing Skeleton Shirt

A dabbing mini skeleton on a shirt is just the kind of thing that an 11-year-old boy would like unless he is grown-up for his age. It is not just cool but also funny that can provoke a couple of laughs on his birthday.

Outdoor Adventure Kit

Every kid loves to roam around the neighborhood and explore the “new,” “strange,” world around him. An outdoor exploration kit with all the cool items in it will be the best gift to your young Darwin to excite him for adventures outdoors. It is the best gift to keep your child away from screens.

Kids Explorer Kit

This outdoor exploration kit comes with a free safari hat, an Ebook and insect badges. The torchlight included does not need batteries; it gets charged by cranking. Other items in the kit include: An expandable bug container A Tweezer A Binocular A Hand-cranked Flashlight A Compass A Whistle A Magnifying Glass A Backpack with a cute panda logo.

Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit

This exploration kit is the best gift you can give to your young entomologist. The kit contains everything that your child needs to pick, catch and collect bugs. The package includes: A binocular A Cranking LED Flashlight A Lensatic Compass A Magnifier A whistle A pair of Tweezers A Butterfly Net A Lens cleaning cloth A Bug Catcher A Bug Viewing container And a carrying bag.

Outdoor Adventure Pack

This gift will make the next summer more fun, exciting and adventurous for your kids. It is a perfect gift for him if you don’t mind him playing in the mud once in a while. The kit contains all the necessary items to help him mingle with the wilderness. The kit includes: A Shovel An Insect Observation Cup A Lensetic Compass A Magnifying Glass A whistle A tweezers A Bug tongs A Hand-cranked LED Flashlight A Binocular with a slip-free design for kids.

Nerf Toys

Nerf toys are safe shooting toys that have bullets made up of foam or some other cushy material. 11-year-old boys love to play action pretend games. A nerf toy will be a perfect gift for your young action hero.

Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt

Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt is a toy crossbow that shoots arrows. Your child will love to kill some pretend zombies with this nerf crossbow. It has a feel of a gun and a crossbow and it has arrow storage.

Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt

It is also a crossbow but it is bigger and way cooler than Nerf Zombie Strike Wrathbolt. It comes with a detachable scope and more arrows. A young boy of 11 years will be very excited to kill some zombies with this exotic nerf crossbow.

Nerf Rival Nemesis

It is a motorized Nerf gun. It requires 6 D batteries to run. The package includes 100 round foam bullets. This might be a little too exotic for an 11-year-old.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

This is one of the most affordable Nerf guns. It comes with 6 darts that are to be put in the rotating drum. The gun can shoot darts up to 27 meters. It makes a perfect gift for your forever-ready-for-action 11-year-old.

NERF Rebelle Tribute Bow

This nerf bow can shoot arrows up to 85 feet. It will be a good and safe gift for the kid who has been greatly inspired by Robin Hood. The package includes a bow, 2 arrows, and an instruction manual.

Radio Control Toys

Radio control toys come in vast variety; there are RC cars, bikes, helicopters, quadcopters, plans. These toys are a source of ultimate fun for young kids as well as adults. The battery-powered RC toys are usually suitable for the kids. Here are some RC toys that are suitable for your 11-year-old child.

Rock Crawler Dune Buggy

This is a battery-powered remote control car build on 1:18 scale. The batteries are rechargable which means you don’t have to run to the market everytime it runs out of battery. It has anti-collision structure and shock absorbers which make the car to smoothly run on off-roads as well.

Mini Drone Easy to Fly

This quadcopter is extremely easy to fly indoors. The covered rotors of this quadcopter make it safe for the kids. It has auto hovering function and one can fly it without worrying about directions.

RC Drones for Kids and Beginner

This quadcopter shaped like the US’s best fighter jet F-22 Raptor is perfect for 11-year-old kids. It is so easy to fly that an 8-year-old can control it. The main feature of the toy is that it can a 360° flip. It has 4 propellers and 2 batteries.

Beginner Plane RTF

It is an extremely stable 4 channel RC plane with a frame made of carbon. Its stability and durability make it easy to fly even for an 11-year-old. It can also be flown indoors.


Rides make a perfect gift for anyone no matter what gender or age of the person is. Kids love rides no matter if it is electronic or not. Every kid remembers his/her first ride which is mostly a bicycle. Below are some rides that an 11-year-old boy will love to have on his birthday.

Schwinn Koen Boy's Bike

This bike will be a perfect gift for the child who is learning or already know how to ride a bicycle. The frame is strong enough for that “durable first bike” that lasts forever and you have to give it to your younger cousin or sibling.

Albott Pro Stunt Scooter

This freestyle kick scooter is suitable for kids who have entry-level skills. The aluminum frame is extremely durable. It is easy to handle and maneuver which makes it a good choice for beginners.

Self Balancing Flash Wheel Electric Scooter

Hoverboard might be the most fun present your 11 years old child get that year. It is easily balanced and controlled by the rider. The speed of the board is also easy to control. It runs on battery that can be easily recharged with the help of the charger that comes with it. It will be one of those gifts that your child never grows out of.

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners

A skateboard is one of the most affordable and coolest rides for kids. You boy will love to skateboard and learn some maneuvers on it because it has the highest cool factor to it. This is 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave skateboard which gives a perfect balance which makes it reliable for both kids and adults.

Sure-Grip Black Fame Roller Skate

Roller skates or roller blades are also a good choice for your 11-year-old kid. Roller skates are best if the kid has a beginner skill level with them. These roller skates are comfortable to your feet. THe urethane wheels provide a perfect grip, more control and traction, and the semi-precision bearing make rolling smooth.


One never gets over the love for gadgets. Your 11-year-old kid will be more than happy to get an electronic gadget as a gift. Check out the following gadgets for gift ideas.

Mp3 Player

A song player like an MP3 and iPod will be a perfect gift for an 11-year-old kid who loves to listen to songs. The linked MP3 is made up of durable material that can survive the clumsiest kid in the world. It can play text format e-books and FM as well.

Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

A good pair of walkie talkies will be one of the best gifts you can give to an 11-year-old as it is the age when the child loves to be an action figure. A walkie talkie set will be a useful addition to his equipment to save the world.

ids Sports Watches Multi Function Waterproof

Boys love watches regardless of age. This sports watch will give your boy a sporty look. It is comfortable and durable. Plus it has multiple functions like alarm mode, date mode, and stopwatch mode, it also has the glow-in-the-dark function and hourly chime function.

Kids Headphones for School Children

Boys who love music can only understand the value of a good headphone, If your 11-year-old has developed an interest in music, gift him a good headphone. This headphone gives the clearest sound of all other headphones I have ever tried. It has powerful bass, crisp high tone and clear vocal that combine to give perfect hi-fi sound.

APEMAN Native 4K Action Camera

It is one of the best alternatives of the Go-Pro that can save you hundreds of dollars. This camera can make high-resolution videos even under the water. It has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature with which your boy can live stream on YouTube.

Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Kids Beginners

If your boy has ever mentioned that he wants to be an astronaut or an astronomer then gift him a telescope for beginners. It has 70mm aperture, 400mm focal length, high magnifying power that is perfect to explore the moon and other stars and planets.


Toy robots are taking over the toy industry. You can gift a smart toy robot to your boy which can interest him. There are thousands of robots to chose from in the market but here are some careful picks that will be suitable for an 11-year-old boy.

DIY Science Construction Stem Toy For Kids

The 4M Tin Can Robot will teach your kid the value of recycling as it needs a used tin can to work. Attach a used soda can and start the fun. It will teach the kids that recycling can turn otherwise useless items into fun and functional things like 4M Tin Can Robot.

DIY Mechanical Robot Building Set

It is the first Hi-Tech STEM Robot for kids. It can perform simple and very interesting tasks. It has two interesting modes. In mode 1, it can walk around avoiding collision with the obstacles placed in the way. And in 2nd mode, it can sense the gesture of your hands and arms and tries to copy it. This robot with its cute looks and interesting features can be one of his prized possessions.