10 useful Big Sister Gift Ideas that she will love

As the due date of delivery of your second child comes nearer, you are going to get more busy preparing for the new baby. During this whole event, your firstborn might start to feel left out when you and your partner are busy taking care of the coming child. It is this feeling of being left out that might make the firstborn feel a little jealous of his/her new sibling. You should make the firstborn feel involved in the whole ‘new baby’ mirth starting from implanting the idea of having a younger sibling and then preparing him/her about how to treat with it. If the firstborn is a girl, then maybe you should talk to her about being the big sister and boost the excitement related to being an elder sister. One of the best ways to get her delighted about the idea of being a big sister is getting her big sister gifts. In the list below, I have presented some big sister gift ideas to let your eldest daughter feel involved and dutiful to her soon-to-come younger sibling.

  1. Little Miss, Big Sis Hardcover
  2. Big Sister Colorful Announcement T-Shirt
  3. Infinity Collection Sister Bracelet
  4. Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set
  5. Big Sister Necklace
  6. Big Sister Hardcover
  7. Infinity Collection Sister Bracelet
  8. I'm the Big Sister T-Shirt Teddy Bear
  9. Idea Box Kids Big Sister
  10. Big Sister Gift Set

Little Miss, Big Sis Hardcover

One of the best ways to prepare the soon-to-be big sister for the arrival of her sibling is with a bedtime story of a big sister. “Little Miss, Big SIs” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a story of a girl who becomes a big sister. The story tells the wonders of a big sister who celebrates the eventful arrival of her new sibling with her family.

Big Sister Colorful Announcement T-Shirt

This shirt would make a good gift for any child who has become a big sister. This shirt is available in different sizes and beautiful colors including mauve, light pink, purple and white. Each color has the announcement of “Promoted to Big Sister” in different colors; black, white and glittering gold. It will be a perfect outfit for the big sister to welcome her new brother or sister home. Parents can announce their pregnancy by making their older daughter wear this t-shirt.

Infinity Collection Sister Bracelet

Boost your older child’s excitement about becoming a big sister by gifting her this cute bracelet. It is a perfect gift for sisters from the younger brothers. The bracelet will come in handy where words are not enough to tell her how much you love your big sister. This sister gift has a lobster clasp, silver plated charms and European beads that make the bracelet beautiful. It is easy to adjust; it can fit around most wrist sizes i.e. 5” to 7”. It comes in a beautiful jewelry pouch which makes it more presentable.

Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set

“Big Sister” is a pretend game that includes a set of 3 pieces; an illustrated storybook, a soft doll, and a child-size embroidered crown. The story is about crowning a “big sister” which can be a perfect way of breaking the news to your firstborn about her becoming a big sister. The storybook also explains all the delightful aspects of being a big sister and her duties towards the younger sibling. The big sister doll that is included in the package is the main character of the storybook. It comes with a signature outfit of colorful ribbon, lace and high top tennis shoes.

Big Sister Necklace

Get this personalized necklace to your older child on the arrival of her younger daughter. You can inscribe her name on it with the title of “big sister.” This necklace has two discs; one is ½ inch and ¾ inch. Get a similar necklace to the younger siblings with titles of “middle sister” and “little sister”, in this way your daughters will feel a connected any they won’t develop the sense of bitterness caused due to jealousy between them.

Big Sister Hardcover

The best way of teaching a new thing to a child is by telling a story. “I Am a Big Sister!” is a story with colorful illustrations. This story is a great way to get your child excited and happy about getting a new sibling. The story is simple and easy for even a 2 year old. This storybook will get her in the big sister mode and fill her with tender love for the new family member.

Infinity Collection Sister Bracelet

This bracelet would make a cool gift for a sister. It is also a great way to show your love to your sister. It is easily adjustable to the wrist of all sizes.

I'm the Big Sister T-Shirt Teddy Bear

This cute little teddy bear wearing a pink t-shirt with the announcement of “I’m the Big Sister” is perfect for the big sisters and the soon-to-be big sisters. The message will excite her and make her proud of her new role as the older sibling of the newborn. It is stuffed with a polyester blend. The t-shirt is removable, and it is perhaps one of the best big sister gift ideas

Idea Box Kids Big Sister

The Idea Box would make a practical gift to prepare the older child for her responsibilities towards her coming sibling. The box includes a list of 60 simple activities that she needs to do for her younger brother or sister. It includes tasks like “Practice changing a diaper with a doll or stuffed animal.” and “make a welcome home sign for the baby.” The tasks are fun ways to include soon-to-be big sister in the new-baby-comes-home excitement. The business of the child while doing the tasks will get her excited about her coming sibling.

Big Sister Gift Set

The “Super Big Sister Doll” would be a unique sister gift to celebrate your daughter becoming a big sister. The doll comes with an “I am a big sister” card with a beautiful illustration and a removable superhero cape. It is made of soft plush which is safe for little kids to play with. It will make the older child feel proud and special, and it would create a bond of tender love between the two children.

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