13 Cool Ninja Gift Ideas your kid will love in 2020

Ninja gifts are so much cool and delightful to play with. There comes an age on every child when he is obsessed with the ninjas. He starts to watch ninja movies, collect ninja posters and devote some time practicing his ninja skills. He becomes a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Ninja or Japanese ninjas in general. Lingering in the shadows, sneaking up behind you without letting you notice him, and “attacking” on getting an opportunity becomes his favorite hobby. If he has developed such a keen interest in ninjas, a ninja gift would be a good present for his upcoming birthday. While choosing a ninja gift for a young child, you need to consider whether the gift would be safe to play with or not. Here are some of the cool and safe ninja gift ideas for your little ninja in training that will excite his love of ninjas. Check these super cool ninja gift ideas below!

  1. Halloween Ninja Costumes for Boys Girls
  2. Ninja Costume Accessories
  3. Ninja Cool Children Clothing Kids T-Shirt
  4. LEGO NINJAGO Future Backpack
  5. Pendant Necklace
  6. Bracelet Ninja Throwing Star
  7. Ninja Coffee Mug
  8. Mini-Figure Keychain Series
  9. Warrior Ninja Fighter with Swords
  10. Toy Company Ninja Micro Size Nesting Dolls
  11. Ninja Shoes
  12. Ninjago Movie Minifigure Display
  13. Ninja Warrior Bow and Arrow Archery Set

Halloween Ninja Costumes for Boys Girls

A stealthy ninja costume that he can wear on the upcoming Helloween or his daily ninja practice sessions. It is suitable for both girls and boys. The costume includes a ninja warrior jumpsuit, a pair of ninja gloves, ninja’s face mask. a belt, two plastic throwing stars, two plastic ninja daggers, two red wrist straps, and 2 red ankle straps.

Ninja Costume Accessories

Throwing stars and knives are the most important weapons of a ninja. Equip your little ninja with these to help him fight the evil better. These are made of durable material.

Ninja Cool Children Clothing Kids T-Shirt

Get this cool t-shirt to your young ninja in training on his birthday and watch him drooling over it.

LEGO NINJAGO Future Backpack

This backpack for school with NinjaGo graphics on the back, sword stickers on the side panel and daisy chain on the front panel might be perfect for your little superhero.

Pendant Necklace

This ninja necklace with little throwing star and knife will make a good gift for a teenage ninja lover boy. The package also includes a naruto bracelet.

Bracelet Ninja Throwing Star

This good quality stainless steel, double braided leather bracelet is another cool bracelet gift idea for the ninja lovers.

Ninja Coffee Mug

This cool ninja shaped ceramic coffee cup will provoke laughter at the party. It is sure to be enjoyed by the young ninjas and tea lovers. It will also make a good addition to the house’s ornaments.

Mini-Figure Keychain Series

This key chain of a cute figure named Michelangelo, a cool ninja character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle will be the best gift for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan.

Warrior Ninja Fighter with Swords

A cool Wall Decals Vinyl will be a pleasant addition to the room of young ninjas. This sticker lasts for a long time and can be removed easily whenever need be.

Toy Company Ninja Micro Size Nesting Dolls

These angry eyed nesting dolls reflect the ninja spirt from their eyes. It can be gifted to the ninja lovers of any age and gender.

Ninja Shoes

These ninja shoes with cotton surface and lining rubber soles will make a perfect gift for your ninja friend. These shoes are comfortable and help the ninja with more stealth that is one of the main characteristics of ninjas.

Ninjago Movie Minifigure Display

This lego Minifigures will be a perfect gift for your little ninja who is a big fan of NINJAGO. It comes with Minifigure transparent display to keep the collection of lego ninja figures.

Ninja Warrior Bow and Arrow Archery Set

This complete ninja kit with all the necessary items needed for some ninja action will be a perfect gift for the young ninja aspirants. The kit includes katana with sheath, four suction cup arrows, archery bow, four shurikens, two kunai, one knife, four throwing stars, one claw dagger. All the blades are made of plastic so they are safe for kids. This is the best pick from us for the best ninja gift ideas!

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