12 cool Frozen gift ideas that your girl will love

Every kid is crazy about Disney movies. These movies are one of the things that make childhood memorable. Kids start to live in the fantasy of these movies and sometimes these movies define their childhood. After the release of Frozen in 2013, a “Frozen Fever” took over every child. Now, almost every house has a Frozen crazy kid who goes around singing the most famous song from the Frozen movie i.e. “let it go”. Frozen is a wonderful story with equally wonderful characters some of which are funny and some are wonderfully heroic. Some kids are fascinated by Elsa, the elder sister who has marvelous powers to create and control snow. These ideas will make great frozen gift ideas. While some other kids are fans of Olaf, who is a funny, cute snowman who is the major cause of laughter in the whole movie. Kids will love to have gifts from their favorite characters. Here are some Frozen gift ideas that might help you find a suitable gift for your Frozen crazy kids.

  1. Frozen Hide-and-Hug
  2. RoomMates Disney Frozen Olaf
  3. Frozen Elsa Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals
  4. Sheets and Plush Cuddle Pillow Set
  5. Olaf Waffle Maker
  6. Designs Mealtime Set with Plate, Bowl and Tumble
  7. Summertime Snowman Olaf
  8. Frozen Board Books
  9. Disney Frozen 2 Kids Silk Fleece Throw Blanket
  10. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Olaf Figure
  11. Disney Frozen - Alphabet
  12. Snowflake Mobile Party Accessory

Frozen Hide-and-Hug

It is a fun picture book with a plush Olaf, the warmest snowman ever. He is playing hide and hugs in the book which can be a fun family activity at a party.

RoomMates Disney Frozen Olaf

YOu can gift this Olaf peel and stick wall decals to a fan of Olaf. The wall decals can be applied to any smooth surface. They can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue on the surface.

Frozen Elsa Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decals

You can decorate your child’s room with these wall decals of all the famous characters from Frozen.

Sheets and Plush Cuddle Pillow Set

Surprise your child with this Frozen-themed bedding. The package includes a sheet, a pair of pillow covers, and a cuddly plush of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. The sheet and pillow covers have beautiful leaves and snowflakes printed on them which gives a whimsical wintery look.

Olaf Waffle Maker

Get this Olaf waffle maker and have an unlimited supply of Olaf shaped waffles for your kids. Olaf's arms, head, and body are disconnected which adds more fun at the eating table. The plate is made with a non-sticky material which makes it easier to clean.

Designs Mealtime Set with Plate, Bowl and Tumble

This Frozen themed meal set has the potential to be your child’s favorite meal set. The set includes a 5.5" bowl, an 8" plate, and a 9oz tumbler. Each item is made of a durable plastic which is BPA free.

Summertime Snowman Olaf

Gift your child this Olaf water globe and she is absolutely going to love it. The globe has a charming floral resin base, a decorative glass dome, and a spring scene inside. The Olaf figure inside gets showered with twinkling glitter flakes if you shake the globe. If you are decorating her room with Frozen theme then this will make a good desk, shelf or mantel decor.

Frozen Board Books

This is a set of 4 beautifully illustrated Frozen movie board books for your young Frozen fan. Each board book contains a story about one of the famous characters from the movie; Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff.

Disney Frozen 2 Kids Silk Fleece Throw Blanket

Gift this Disney Frozen themed fleece to your child next Christmas to let her snuggle in the bitter cold.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Olaf Figure

Olaf was the funniest and the cutest character in the movie. Everyone loved him and his silly talks. A young fanatic of Disney Frozen will love to have an Olaf figure toy to play with.

Disney Frozen - Alphabet

Spot it! Disney Frozen is an award-winning visual perception game that a whole family can play. It features the characters from Frozen movie and iconic symbols from the movie. It is the best party activity for the fans of Disney Frozen. The game is so much fun that one can play it for hours. IT is also a learning activity for young kids to develop focus, language, visual perception, and fine motor skills.

Snowflake Mobile Party Accessory

Decorate your house with this hanging snowflake embellishment.

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