13 Useful Gift Ideas For Welders That They Will Love

Welding is a difficult profession as it involves handling tools that hurl high-intensity, dangerous flames to fuse metal together. Some people pursue welding as a hobby as well. Welding is a cool job and those who chose it as their profession are tough. They seem cool when they are sweating, hard at sewing metals together with fire.

When a birthday of the welder in your family or friends comes you find out that It is as hard to find a practical gift for welders as their job is. You find yourself completely lost about what should you give to your welder friend that can help him with his work. If your child has announced that he wants to be a welder than it might be a good idea to celebrate his decision with a good welding gift. I have composed a list of unique gifts for welders for all the people out there looking for perfect welder gifts ideas. Check out these awesome gift ideas for welders.

  1. Reversible Welding Cap
  2. National Safety Apparel Flame Resistant
  3. Holulo Welding Helmet Solar Power
  4. T-Shirt
  5. Leather Forge Welding Gloves
  6. Heavy Duty Work Apron With Pockets
  7. Cute Welders Coffee Cup
  8. Extreme Gear Pack with Helmetcatch
  9. Angle Grinder Tool
  10. Welding For Dummies Paperback
  11. Forney Easy Weld
  12. Men's Flame Resistant Canvas Pant
  13. Safety Glasses

Reversible Welding Cap

A welder cap would make a cool gift to the welder’s birthday. It is made of 100% cotton and it can also be worn reversibly.

National Safety Apparel Flame Resistant

If you are looking for more practical gifts for a welder then consider this flame-resistant safety apparel. It is made with ultrasoft fabric. It will keep the welder safe during work.

Holulo Welding Helmet Solar Power

The welding helmet is worn over the safety apparel for the complete security for the head, especially the eyes. This welding helmet has an auto-darkening feature that protects your eyes from high-intensity light coming from welding. It is made with a lightweight, durable,heat-resistant and flame-retardant material. It has a solar cell and lithium batteries of capacity 60mAH. The solar cell charges the batteries automatically and it lasts for a lifetime. The battery is needed for sensing the intensity of the light and dimming it accordingly. The dimness can be adjusted manually as well. This welding helmet will make the best gift for the safety of your beloved welder.


If you want to stay on the cool side, get the welder a t-shirt with a funny welding pun printed on it. Celebrate the birthday of the welder in your life by gifting him this shirt and share a laugh with him.

Leather Forge Welding Gloves

Proper welding gloves that are heat and flame resistant, and cover your hands and arms completely are as much important for the safety as a welding helmet. These mitts make ideal welding gift. The outer layer is made of genuine cowhide split leather. The middle layer contains aluminum foil and cotton cloth which make them heat resistant. The innermost layer contains soft cotton lining that is sweat-resistant and skin-friendly. They provide complete protection for hands and forearms from flames and sparks.

Heavy Duty Work Apron With Pockets

A durable apron with a lot of pockets and heat resistant material is need of every worker working in the workshops. Treat your welder friend or family with this heavy-duty waxed canvas to look cool and be safe while working at the same time.

Cute Welders Coffee Cup

You can gift a coffee mug with a funny message to your welder friend on any occasion like his brithday or Christmas. This 11-ounce ceramic mug with eco-friendly ink is safe for use in microwave and dishwasher. A mug with this message for the welder will make one of the unique gifts for the welder.

Extreme Gear Pack with Helmetcatch

This backpack for welders can contain all the tools of welding. It has a separate protruding compartment for a welding helmet, side pockets for welding gloves. Carrying the bag is made easy and comfortable with the padded back and shoulder straps.

Angle Grinder Tool

A grinder will make a perfect practical gift for your welder friend. Welders need a grinder to remove impurities from the metal surface before welding. It is also used to smoothen the welding bubbles on the link after welding it. This grinder by Dewalt contains a powerful motor that provides 11,000 rpm. With motor this powerful, you can carve through any metal. It would make a good addition to your welder’s tool kit that would enhance his quality of work.

Welding For Dummies Paperback

“Welding for Dummies” will enhance your friends’ knowledge of welding. He might be able to learn some useful skills from this book because no matter how experienced a person is, there’s always a room for improvement. This book will be helpful for the aspirant welders so get your hands on one of these and give them away to your friend.

Forney Easy Weld

This portable Mig Welder will be the best gift for a beginner level welder. It is extremely easy to use; anyone with little knowhow can use it for little welding jobs around the house or office. It is easy to maintain and repair as well. It is suitable for light-duty projects and hobbyists.

Men's Flame Resistant Canvas Pant

Those who work with fire need safety lest they should set their pants on fire. Get this flash-resistant canvas pants to your welder friend and save his ass from getting burned down to ashes.it is made with 88% of cotton and 12% nylon, and has 5 pockets that makes it perfect to work in the workshop. Here’s a fun fact about “flame-resistant” pants: they do burn if you set them on fire on purpose.

Safety Glasses

Treat your welder friend with these cool sunglasses on his upcoming birthday. The glasses are not just look cool, they are also helpful safety-wise. They have smoke lenses with the outer coating that reduces glare and provide protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC. Its unique design is extremely flexible and prevents slippage down the nose.

If your welder friend is fond of Ninja, then you can also gift him these Ninja gifts.


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