22 unique Golden Birthday Gift Ideas for her

Golden birthday is the birthday when your date of birth matches your age on that birthday. For example, if you are born on 21 April, your 21st birthday will be your golden birthday. But, there are some people who say that Person’s Golden birthday is that which comes on the same day as the day he was born. For example, if you were born on 21 April 1995, it was Friday and your golden birthday will be in the year 2416 when 21 April will fall on Friday again. Too bad you will be dead by then therefore many people consider the former definition of golden birthday so that they can celebrate it in their lifetime. Golden birthday is also known as grand birthday, champagne birthday, lucky birthday, Beddian birthday and star birthday. A golden birthday is one of the most important days of a person’s life and it warrants some extra celebration. The golden birthday party theme colors usually include gold with any other color. Here is a list of Golden birthday gift ideas for her to help you find a perfect golden birthday gift for girls.


  1. Avenor Baby Balance Bike
  2. Piano Mat
  3. Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture
  4. Rolling Backpacks
  5. Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit
  6. Kids Bike with Basket & Training Wheels
  7. Glantop Remote Control RC Robots
  8. Acrylic Painting Set
  9. Apple iPhone 6S
  10. Wired Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control
  11. Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand
  12. Super Soft Band Student Watches
  13. PlayStation
  14. Women's Floral Vintage Dress
  15. Glass Pendant Necklace
  16. Smart Watch for Android iOS Phone
  17. Sunglasses
  18. All-new Kindle
  19. Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box
  20. Spinning Makeup Organizer Rotating Tower
  21. Coach Signature Zip File Crossbody Bag
  22. Foot Massager

Gifts for 1-12 Years Old Girls

Avenor Baby Balance Bike

This balance bike is suitable for 6-24 months of kids. Though she will not know that it is her golden birthday if it falls on the 1st of the month, your daughter will enjoy this bike very much. It will help her develop balance, confidence, and learn riding and steering at an early age. The bike is an amazing mix of sturdy and lightweight. It is completely safe for the kids as it is not very high from the ground and the seat will give her a natural upright position by centering weight in it.

Piano Mat

A keyboard playmat will help your 2 years old daughter who is still perfecting the art of walking. This piano will help her achieve more control on her feet. The mat comes with 24 touch-sensitive keys and 8 different musical instrument modes; Piano, violin, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, xylophone, and banjo. It has 4 different play features i.e. demo play, playback, record and adjustable volume.

Dreamy Dollhouse with Furniture

Having a huge dollhouse is a dream of every girl. Fulfill that dream for your 3-year-daughter on her Golden birthday. The linked dollhouse is made of wood and composite wood boards and there are some plastic pieces as well. It comes with all its furniture which includes 14 pieces like a hanging plant and a grand piano. It has a gliding elevator that can take dolls to the upper floors. The grand piano plays music, the lamps light up and the toilet makes flushing sound. A barbie sized doll can fit on the bed but not in the bathtub. It will be a good purchase for your 3 years old daughter’s golden birthday.

Rolling Backpacks

Fourth-year of your baby girl might be the year she would start going to school. If her 4th birthday is her golden birthday, it is a good chance for you to get her excited about the school by giving her good school supplies. This school bag kit with a rolling backpack, a lunch bag, and a pencil case would make a perfect gift for your 4 years old daughter on her golden birthday. It is made of a good, sturdy material that will last for a long time and keep her reminding of her golden birthday for years to come.

Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit

Develop a love for nature in your kids by getting them to do activities like gardening and developing the habit of using eco-friendly things. Flower growing kit is one of the best kits for inducing a love for nature as well as love for art in your kid. It comes with the seeds of Cosmos, zinnia and marigold flowers. The kit also includes a tin planter that can be painted with included 6 color paint strip, a plastic liner, paint palette, soil, 2 paintbrushes, 3 wooden plant markers, a watering bottle, a shovel, and a colorful instruction booklet.

Kids Bike with Basket & Training Wheels

5-8 years is the best age to learn to ride a bicycle. Get your daughter a beautiful first bike on her golden birthday. This bike is specially made for girls and those who are learning how to ride a bicycle. The frame of the bike is made of premium steel which is amazingly sturdy and durable, and it has a lifetime warranty. It comes with a coaster brake that can stop the bike by just paddling backward. 85% percent of the bike is already assembled and basic assembling tools are included in the package.

Glantop Remote Control RC Robots

Glantop RC Robot is a perfect tool for teaching the concept of robotics to the kid and enhance their creative ability. Get your daughter this robot if she shows some interest in robots. The robot can walk, dance slid, turn to its sides, sing songs, and teach English words. You can program it up to 40 different functions.

Acrylic Painting Set

Get this beautiful acrylic painting set to your artistic daughter on her golden birthday. The set includes a wide variety of painting supplies; sixteen 12ml and two 40ml acrylic paint tubes, a palette, a palette cup, a palette knife, three paintbrushes, a sketch pencil, a painting medium, and a beautiful wood case.

Gifts for 13-19

Apple iPhone 6S

If she is a teenager and she is going to have her golden birthday during her teenage years, then nothing will make her happier than a new mobile phone. Yes, I know you have reservations about getting her a phone but it will make a perfect gift for her golden birthday.

Wired Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control

Teenage is the age when one loves gadgets. Get your teenage daughter an iPod or a good-quality headphone on her golden birthday if she loves to listen to music. Its noise-reduction and deep bass response enhance the quality of sound. The cord is covered in nylon which keeps the cord from any kind of damage. The leather and foam cushioning make it comfortable on your ears.

Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand

Let your daughter practice and perfect her art skills on this relaxing water painting board. You just have to pour water in the stand, dip the bamboo brush in it and start painting on the board with the brush. The painting will stay on the board until the water fades away. This way your daughter will learn a very important lesson in life about letting go.

Super Soft Band Student Watches

You can get your teenage daughter this beautiful analog wristwatch with a beautiful nebula diel. The white color can go with any light-colored outfit but this watch will add extra style and elegance to any outfit. The bands are made of international CE certified rubber material.


Let your daughter have some fun with her friends with this gaming console. 1 TB hard drive is best for 4K TV gaming.

Gifts for 20-25 Year Old Girls

Women's Floral Vintage Dress

A good dress never fails to impress a girl. Find an elegant dress that you like and present her on her golden birthday. To select a perfect dress you should know her choice and a little imagination for deciding what will look good on her.

Glass Pendant Necklace

Like a good dress, a beautiful article of jewelry also an excellent gift to impress her. This ancient Roman Glass necklace is made of fine hypoallergenic, lead and nickel-free sterling silver. It is handcrafted by Israeli artisans. The roman glass used in the pendant is collected from archeological sites in Israel. It has the finest patina finishing which makes it a perfect gift for her on her golden birthday.

Smart Watch for Android iOS Phone

20-25 is a perfect age to start working out to have a good body for later years. Help her do work out better with this fitness tracker watches. The tracker in the watch monitors heart rate even during sleep and analysis the quality of sleep with the data which helps in developing better sleeping and workout habits.


Help her style better with a beautiful pair of glasses. Decide what kind of frame will suit her better and get her that for her golden birthday. This frame is an acetate frame with a gradient, non-polarized lenses.

All-new Kindle

Kindle paperwhite would make a perfect gift for a book lover on her golden birthday. Kindle gives a good reading experience with adjustable page brightness for comfortable reading in light and dark. You can save thousands of books in it without worrying about space for bulky books.

Gifts for 26-31 Year Old Girls

Kendal Huge Leather Jewelry Box

By this age, a girl has gathered enough jewelry that it requires a specific place to be placed and organized. Gift her a beautiful and spacious jewelry box where she can put all her jewelry. This jewelry box has an exquisite brown leather finish and delicate ivory suede hand-lined.

Spinning Makeup Organizer Rotating Tower

Help her organize her skincare and beauty products, that she keeps in the drawer, in a better way by gifting her a makeup organizer in which she can store all her beauty stuff. This organizer is rotatable and has a separate section for each product type.

Coach Signature Zip File Crossbody Bag

Leather best suits a woman after the age of 27. Help your woman get the cool looks with this leather handbag. It has a cotton lining, zipper closure, and zipper closure. The bag is pretty simple which gives it an elegant look.

Foot Massager

Get her a foot massage to let her relax better after a hard day on her golden birthday. The massager uses rolling kneading and heating techniques to boost blood circulation which helps to improve tired arches, feet, soothe sore and stiff muscles. It has 3 different speed levels. 2 heating, directions and time settings. It gives a completely customizable foot massage in the comfort of home. You can massage your feet, calves, and arms with it.

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