7 Small Thank You Gifts Ideas that are light on your pocket

When someone has been so nice to us and does us a favor, we feel an urge to return the favor and do something more than simply saying “thank you.” While we feel the urge to return the favor as soon as possible, we also find ourselves lost about how and what can we do for that person. It is here that a small thank you gift comes in handy. Thank you gifts can be given to your teachers, boss, parents, neighbors, colleagues, siblings, class fellows, friends, or any person to whom you are grateful for what he/she has done for you. Small thank you gifts help you out when you can’t find words to express your gratitude. Have a look at the list below of small thank you gift ideas that can fit your budget and help you convey your message effectively to the person you are thankful to.

Here are some small Thank You gifts
  1. Thank You Cards
  2. Chocolate
  3. Thank You Mug
  4. Thank You Bath Bombs
  5. Thank You Coaster
  6. Thank You Plant
  7. Thank You Wish Candle

Thank You Cards

Cards make cheap thank you gifts but they can be made valuable by writing a special, thoughtful message for the person to which the card is meant. This pack of cards contains 48 simple but elegant cards. There are 6 different colors and designs including stripes and polka dots. The cards are blank from the inside where you can write a personalized message. This set of cards will be best for the teachers’ appreciation day when you have to send thank you cards to all your teachers.


Chocolates can be gifted on any occasion because almost everyone likes chocolate though there are different levels of liking. It will also make a good “thank you” gift to your special one who has done something for you that you really appreciate. This box of chocolate contains 6 different mouth-watering flavored chocolates; raspberry, salted caramel, fudge, coffee, milk, and Grand Marnier. These chocolates do not contain artificial colors or any other ingredient that can cause allergy.

Thank You Mug

This coffee mug with messages saying “thank you” printed everywhere may be the cutest present out there. The messages on the mug will not fade away after repeated wishing. It is made of porcelain which is safe for dishwasher and microwave.

Thank You Bath Bombs

You can say “thank you” to your friend, wife, girlfriend in a subtle manner with this set of 6 bath bombs made from organic ingredients. These bath bombs will help her relax and she will be rightly rewarded for the favor she did to you. These bath bombs are rich in essential oils and other ingredients that are good for the skin and body.

Thank You Coaster

A set of beautiful coasters would make a unique thank you gift for the person who has done a favor to you. It will be more suitable if it is given to the neighbors for their favor like mowing your lawn or shoveling snow off the lawn for you. While choosing the set of coasters, it would be better if you look for something that goes with the decor.

Thank You Plant

These creative owl shaped ceramic plant pots can be given as thank you gifts to your boss, neighbor or any other friend. These are just 2.5 inches tall and about 2.2 inches wide, small enough to fit on the bookshelves as well.

Thank You Wish Candle

An aromatic candle in the clear transparent glass is elegant. The linked thank you candle is made of soy wax blend which gives warm roasted chestnut smell on burning. It has a cotton wicks. It comes in a beautiful packing that makes it more presentable thank you gift.

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