13 Teacher Retirement Gift Ideas that your teacher will remember

Teacher Retirement Gift Ideas

It happens at least once in everyone’s life that your favorite teacher who helped you in your difficult school or college years, one day announces that he/she is getting retirement from teaching. When the teacher, who made you hate your educational institution a little less is retiring, it is a natural instinct that you want to show that teacher gratitude for their selfless services most of which go unnoticed. A gift seems a perfect option but you cannot decide what will be appropriate to give a teacher as a present. You face a whole new problem if you want to gift such an item that will suit the teacher’s personality type. Keep on reading this article for I am going to list down several personalized, sentimental, nerdy and handmade teacher retirement gift ideas that will you find a perfect gift for your favorite teacher and that will suit the teachers’ personality type perfectly.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite
  2. Refillable Leather Notebook Journal Diary
  3. Desk Pen Set with Crystal Apple Pen Stand
  4. Retirement Keychain
  5. Retired Teacher Gift T-Shirt
  6. Street Lamp Necklace with Greeting Card
  7. Funny Coffee Mug
  8. Picture Frame Photo Display for Tabletop
  9. Thank You Cards Set with Envelopes
  10. Eyeglass Frames
  11. Men Quartz Watches
  12. Personalized Golf Balls
  13. Cedar Wood and Clarysage Cologne

Kindle Paperwhite

Almost all the teachers are rigorous readers and great lovers of books. Nothing will better suit a teacher than a good quality kindle that is why I have put it on the top of my list. Kindle Paperwhite can store millions of e-books. This model is the lightest and thinnest of all Paperwhite models. The glare-free display gives the feel of actual paper.

Refillable Leather Notebook Journal Diary

Teaching and writing go hand in hand whether it is creative writing, academic writing or journal writing. Treat your favorite teacher with this antique looking refillable leather journal on his retirement. This gift will best suit the teacher who is retiring in very old age.

Desk Pen Set with Crystal Apple Pen Stand

This silver brass signing pen with a crystal apple pen stand will make a beautiful embellishment to your favorite teacher’s study desk. The crystal delivers marvelous reflections in the light. The package includes a velvet pouch and an elegant box. It will make a good appreciation gift for a retiring teacher.

Retirement Keychain

This keychain contains a mix of small happy and sad notes which might the best way to say goodbye to your best teacher. The keychain is made of anti-rust, stainless steel.

Retired Teacher Gift T-Shirt

This t-shirt with retirement humor printed on the front would make a perfect present for the retiree to celebrate the amazing new chapter of their life. This gift can be given to the teacher who did not mind a little humor in the class.

Street Lamp Necklace with Greeting Card

This beautiful necklace shaped like a lamp would be the best gift for your female teacher. It comes with a card that comes with an inspirational saying for a teacher.

Funny Coffee Mug

Gift a coffee mug with this humorous line to your retiring English literature teacher and let some smiles spread around while parting with that teacher.

Picture Frame Photo Display for Tabletop

Your favorite pictures of your favorite teacher framed in these wooden frames would make a great gift on his retirement.

Thank You Cards Set with Envelopes

Give your best teacher thank you cards with messages from the whole class inscribed on each one. This will be a good gift to the teacher who liked your class particularly.

Eyeglass Frames

There is hardly any teacher who does not wear glasses so treat your favorite teacher with a frame of glasses on his retirement.

Men Quartz Watches

An analog watch can also be a good gift to your teacher who is retiring from teaching. This watch has a thin and minimalist round dial which gives it an elegant look. The band of the watch is meshed made of soft stainless steel.

Personalized Golf Balls

Your favorite is probably going to spend his time playing golf after getting retirement from college. Gift him a personalized golf ball with his name or a message written on it.

Cedar Wood and Clarysage Cologne

A good cologne that one can wear to the parties would be a good gift for your favorite retiring teacher for he will be going to a lot of parties in his free time after retirement.

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