Baby Shower Memory Games – A complete guide

Baby Shower Memory Games

A baby shower is a beautiful and fun way to celebrate the happiness of the expected birth of the child. It is also celebrated after the delivery of the child to celebrate the good health of the child and the mother. All the friends of the mother-to-be gather together and party and have fun. It also involves giving away gifts that a mother needs to take care of an infant child. As all the friends of the expected mother gather One of the most fun games played on a baby shower is baby shower memory games.

It is also called Memory Tray Game or Mommy Brain Teaser. It can be played in many ways, but the basic concept of the game is that each one of the players has to recall something from his/her memory and jot it down on the piece of paper. A variety can be added to the game by making several rules or by bringing change to the content to write down on a piece of paper.


Here is the list of Baby Shower Memory games that can be played by the guests and family.

  1. Memory Tray Game
  2. Throw and Catch
  3. Mother Knows Best
  4. Guess what the bag contains
  5. All About MOM:


You will need a printable Baby Shower themed printable sheets for almost all of the games mentioned in this post.


1. Memory Tray Game:


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Flat lay bath products, cosmetics for a shower. Scrub peeling brush body scrubber massager loofah bar of soap on blue.


The most popular of the Baby Shower Memory Games is the Memory Tray Game.

What do you need to play it?

  1. A tray, basket or anything to put some items on it
  2. Some things related to mothering
  3. A pen and a piece of paper for each of the guests.

How to Play the game?

The host or the mother-to-be will put some items on the tray/basket (whatever you are using), and walks around the room in front of all the guests in such a manner that they can see the items placed on it. After displaying the items on a tray, the host hides it in the other room so that no one can see the plate. Now, all the participants are asked to write down all the items they saw on the tray, recalling them from memory. One who lists most items correctly is the winner of the game.

You can make the game more interesting by adding certain variations to the game. Below are some suggestions to make the memory game more interesting.


2. Throw and Catch:

As the name suggests, to play the game, you need a person from the guest who is a good thrower and one that can catch items well.

What do you need to play it?


Collection of Teddy bears
Teddy Bears and Cuddly Animal prizes in a Stall on a Fun Fair
  1. Items that are light-weight and unbreakable. (preferably stuffed toys)

How to play the game?

Choose two such persons from the guests who can throw the item across the room and catch the item on the other end of the room. Make them stand at the two corners of the room. The thrower tosses the items to the catcher one by one. After all the items have been tossed, the guests are asked to jot down all the items that they saw flying across the room. One who guesses most of the items right is the winner.


3. Mother Knows Best:


baby bath accessories
baby bath accessories on white table, selective focus

This game tests the memory of the mother-to-be and her knowledge about the items she is going to need to take care of the coming baby. This memory game is a fun way to equip the expected mother with the items she is going to need for her child.

What do you need to play it?

Basically, anything related to baby-care.


How to play the game?

All the invited guests have to coordinate and contribute to buying all the necessary baby-care products before going to the baby shower. Prepare a list of all the bought items and ask the mother-to-be to guess the items on the list. The mother-to-be will be rewarded the item for every right guess. The mother will try to win every item which will add to the fun of playing the game. Keep playing the game until she guesses all the items on the list. The game has neither winner nor loser, so everyone returns home happy.


4. Guess what the bag contains


Baby Shower Memory Games

This game needs memory as well as guessing of the participants. It can make a baby shower a fun party.

What do you need to play it?

  1. A bag.
  2. Some baby care items
  3. Pens
  4. A few pieces of paper for guests.

How to play the game?

Put the baby care items in a bag and pass it around the guests. Each guest will have to put her hand inside the bag and feel the items one by one without looking inside the bag. After that, they will write the names of the items inside the bag. After that, the guests will write the names of the items that are inside the bag. In the end, the host of the baby shower event will bring out the items from the bag one by one, and the guests will mark a tick in front of the item that they had guessed right. The one who has the most ticks on her list will be the winner of the game.



5. All About MOM:

This game tests the memory of the guests by asking specific questions about the mother-to-be.


What you need for the game:

  1. A list of questions about the mother
  2. Pen and a piece of paper for recording answers and results.

How to play the game:

Prepare a list of interesting questions about the mother-to-be with her help. You can list questions about her childhood, her education, or her personal life. The mother is to read the questions out loud, and the guests are to answer them. The guest who gives the most correct answers wins.


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