Enjoyable Mexican Party Ideas for party rockers

Mexican culture shows the complex history of the country. The continuous mixing of Mesoamerican and Spanish culture resulted in the present Mexican culture. The Mexican theme is one of the easiest themes to go with for any event and party. The Mexican theme items are easily available from the market. The typical Mexican items include guitar, sombreros, bulls, hot chilis, tacos, and cactuses. Mexican theme parties (fiesta) are really fun and enrich in the festivity. A fiesta is incomplete without Mexican, food, drinks, and guitars. If you are hosting a fiesta party then you should know about some Mexican games to add to the frivolity of the Mexican theme party. I have compiled a list of various fiesta games with their “How to Play” so that your party is Mexican from every aspect. Pick any game from the following and save your party from being called boring. Check out these awesome mexican party ideas that your guests will fall in love with!


Mexican Hat Dance Contest:

Play Mexican music loud on the speaker and have all the guest to do Mexican Hat Dance one by one. See who does it the best and announce the person the winner. You will get to see some ridiculously fun and some really good dances which would raise the spirit of your Mexican fiesta party.


Bean Blow:

Provide every participant with several kidney beans, a bowl, and a straw. Have them place the beans on the table by the bowl. On the call of “go!”, everyone has to suck up a bean using the straw and put it in the bowl. The person who puts all the beans in the bowl everyone else wins 


Conga Line:

Conga line is actually the line dance that originated from Cuba and became popular in the 1930s. Play a Congo 4 beat music and shout “Congo” in the frenzied air of the party and get all your guests to form a long processing line. The line then goes around in a circle while each individual moves with certain dancing steps that usually include three shuffle steps followed by a kick after the last beat. The person who leads the line usually has a pair of maraca in his hands that he shakes with the beat.


Pass the Sombrero:

Pass the Sombrero is another Mexican fiesta party game like “hot potato”. It is played with a sombrero as the name suggests and among the best Mexican party ideas. Sit all the guests in a circle and pass a sombrero around while playing Mexican music. Whoever gets the hat has to wear it before passing it to the person sitting beside him/her. The person who is wearing the hat when the music stops has to come in the middle of the circle and person some Mexican tap dance.



Limbo makes the third of mexican part ideas. Play fun music that has fast beats and let the limbo begin. Have two of your friends grab a limbo stick from each end and keep it just above the knees. Ask your other friends to try and go under the stick while facing it and arching backward. Have different rounds and lower the stick by an inch after every round. The one who passes the lowest stick without touching it wins.


Spanish vocabulary test:

This makes the fourth Mexican party ideas. I know it sounds boring but it’s not. Prepare a list of some Spanish words that are somewhat similar to their English counterparts. Get multiple photocopies of the list and distribute them among the kids. Then ask them to guess the meaning of each word. One who guesses most words right is the winner.



Soccer is the most popular game in Mexico. Divide the guests equally in two teams and place two cones on each side to mark as goals.

Or place several hurdles at a regular distance of 5 feet in a straight line and get your friends to kick the ball around these hurdles one by one.



Picture: Hopscotch

It is an old traditional Mexican game that is played outdoor; in schoolyards and streets. You need chalk or coal to draw the airplane like a hopscotch pattern that has eight sections and a circle at the top. Crumble up a piece of paper to use as a marker (you can also use a small stone, bottlecap, or a dice). 

The first player tosses the marker in the first section while standing at the start of the pattern on the ground. Then he/she jumps in that section and continues hopping to the eighth section. The player has to be careful to put only one foot in each section at a time and not to step on the lines dividing the sections. The player has to put each foot in the sections that are side by side. After reaching the eighth section, the player jumps in the circle at the end with both the legs.

The player turns in the circle and keeps hopping back to square no. 2. He picks up the marker, jumps in section 1 and out of the pattern. 

There are several reasons that can out the player:

  • If the marker does not land in any section.
  • If the player steps on the line.
  • If the player loses balance and falls out of the hopscotch pattern.
  • If the hopper let down both feet in one section.
  1. Piñata
  2. Mexican Cactus Ring Toss
  3. Toma Todo Game: La Pirinola


A fiesta-themed party without a piñata is not a fiesta. Get a piñata shaped like one of the major identities of Mexican culture such as; bull, cactus, sun, sombreros, or guitar for the party. Mexican theme piñata are easily available online. Get your friends to stand in line and take turns to swing a bat while blindfolded. Fill it with a lot of candies so that all your friends can have their share. You can also play “hot potato” with a piñata. Play Mexican music and let the piñata move around the guests while the music is still playing. Have a friend to control the music who stops the music after irregular intervals. The person who has the piñata when the music stops is out of the game. Keep on playing the game until you have a winner. 

Mexican Cactus Ring Toss

Have your guests play ring toss on an inflatable cactus. The linked cactus ring toss is a game as well as a decorative that goes well with fiesta parties. It comes with 4 toss rings. The guest who throws all the four rings on the branches of the cactus is the winner. You can allot each branch a number as well so that it does not tie between two people.

Toma Todo Game: La Pirinola

It is a traditional Mexican game. A pirinola is a small wooden or plastic toy with six sides, a small handle, and a round bottom that helps it rotate on it. Some instructions are given on each side of the pirinola; Toma, Pon, and Toma Todo. Toma means “take,” Pon means “place,” Todos Ponen means “put all,” and Toma Todo means “Take all.” At the start of the game, every participant has to place a coin (or bean) on the table. Then each individual takes turns in spinning the pirinola and act according to the instructions that comes on the top. The game goes on until there is no coin left on the table. The player who has more coins than his/her competitors wins.

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