Back to School Teacher Gifts ideas

Preparing for a new school year after the end of the summer has a sad-sweet feeling to it. It is sweet because you are going to have a fresh start and you are probably gonna get new supplies for school as well. And it is sad because the summer has ended and you are going to have the stream of neverending homework and classes once again. Well, back to school after a summer break can be as intimidating for the teachers as it is for the students. Therefore, when you are out shopping for your back to school items you might as well buy a small present for the teacher. The present can be a small card, a thoughtful note or a pen, just anything to let know that you appreciate what they are doing. A small back to school gift for teachers will let them have a pleasant start of a new session at school. I have compiled a list of the best back to school gifts for teachers that will boost your teachers’ spirit for a new school year.

  1. Colorful Motivational Quote Pens
  2. Cat Paper Clips
  3. Teachers' Inspirational Bracelets
  4. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens
  5. Folio Mantra Quote Bulk Bookmarks Set of 30
  6. Early Buy Sticky Notes
  7. Assorted Flavor Hawaiian Punch Candy Canes
  8. Teacher’s Coffee Mug

Colorful Motivational Quote Pens

This set of 5 pens will make a good back to school gift to your favorite teachers. Each pen contains a different message for the teacher. It is for you to decide which message should go to which teacher. Also, each pen has a different colored ink in it. There is Blue, green, silver, pink and purple.

Cat Paper Clips

Help your favorite teachers sort the papers with these colorful cat paper clips. The box contains 100 pieces; you can divide them equally and pack to present to your teacher when you go back to school after summer. These paper clips are lightweight so they don’t add extra weight to the bulk of papers.

Teachers' Inspirational Bracelets

You can get these bracelets to your favorite teachers on back to school. Each bracelet contains an inspirational quote from Albert Einstein, Henry Adams, or Socrates. These bracelets will raise the spirits of the teacher to teach all year long.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

This set of color markers with a smart message for the teacher would make a perfect back to school gift. You can write a message like “Mark my words it’s going to be a great year!” or something like “I’m so happy I get to Bee in your class.”

Folio Mantra Quote Bulk Bookmarks Set of 30

This pack of 30 bookmarks with motivational messages will be a good choice if you are looking for something that can be distributed among teachers and your class fellows in the beginning of the year. These bookmarks are made of plastic and they have a clip at the back to secure the place. There are 4 different colors and 4 different messages. Orange bookmarks say, “Do more of what makes you happy.” Blue ones say, “Life’s good.” Red ones have “Choose Happiness.” on them. And Green bookmarks contain the message, “Follow your bliss.”

Early Buy Sticky Notes

Your teachers gonna need a lot of sticky notes to prepare lesson plans for the whole year. This set of sticky notes contains 100 sheets in 8 pads which come in 4 different colors. Get these sticky notes and present them to your favorite teachers with a smart note to have a pleasant beginning of a new school year.

Assorted Flavor Hawaiian Punch Candy Canes

Attach a cute note with each candy cane and give one to each teacher who comes to introduce him/herself in your class to have a sweet start at school. This is a pack of 12 Hawaiian punch candy canes with 3 flavors which are enough for all your teachers. The three flavors are Lemon Berry Squeeze. Fruit juicy red, and polar blast.

Teacher’s Coffee Mug

You can get your favorite teacher a coffee mug with a mindful message for him/her to celebrate the beginning of a new study session.