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Having a themed birthday party is fun but having a candy themed birthday party is even more fun. It is creative and a fun theme as it borders really close to the Christmas theme but there is a slight difference. Decorating the party hall according to the candy theme is easy as well because anything with stripes and bright colors would go with it. To have a perfect theme party you not only have to decorate the house and have a themed cake but you also have to play games according to that theme to entertain the guests and break the ice between them. Here I have put down everything you need to know to have a memorable candy-themed party. You will find ideas for decorating the house and cake that will tally with the theme. Moreover, I have also compiled a list of candy bar games to increase the frivolity in the party making it more entertaining.


Candy Bar Game:

The best game you can play at a candy themed birthday party is the candy bar game. It is a fun way to distribute candy bars among the guests.

What do you need to play the game?

All you need to play this game is:

  • 3+ players 
  • A pair of dice
  • A timer that rings after the end of predefined time
  • Some candy bars. The number of candy bars should be equal to or more than the number of players.

How to play?

Sit all the participants in a circle with the timer and all the candy bars in the centre. Set the timer for at least 5 minutes. After setting the timer, each person rolls the dice. If the player rolls a double, he/she can pick his/her favourite candy bar from the mound. If some other player has already taken the favourite candy bar, he/she can rob that from that player. After some time as the game goes on, it becomes clear which candy bars are least wanted.

The game ends after the set time and each player wins the candy bars he/she has collected during that. 

To add more to the game you can place several other items along with candy bars.


Birthday Candy bar sayings:


Candy Wreath: