Easter Game Ideas

Throwing an Easter party, having a small gathering of friends and family and then entertaining them is not an easy task. However, difficult it may be to engage all the guests at the same time, it sure is fun and delightful responsibility to keep your guests entertained. To make this task easier to invite over a couple of friends before the party and get them to help you in the easter decoration and make arrangements for the Easter activities. Games and activities with eggs and bunnies for kids and adults are an important part of an Easter party. Therefore, I have made a list of Easter games and activities for both kids and adults so that you can keep your guests entertained and make your party a memorable one. These easter party ideas are easy, practical and most importantly ensure festivity at your party. Let’s get to the fun Easter theme ideas without further ado.

Easter Games for Adults

Easter does not have to be just for the kids, Adults should also play some entertaining games to enjoy the Easter spirit. Easter can be made fun and entertaining for adults with the following games.

Egg Hunt with money

Candies are sweet; in fact so sweet that it can cause diabetes in adults. So, instead of putting candies in the Easter eggs, put some bills in them to make it more fun for the adults. Have all your guests contribute to the money to avoid extra burden on yourself. You can put some scratch-off lottery tickets in some of the eggs as well.

Egg Toss

If you are ok with getting a little slimy as a result of the breaking of an egg or two on your head. Have your guests team up in pairs and form a circle standing at a regular distance from each other. Toss an egg to the other teams. Each team takes two steps back after each successful toss. Whoever let the egg crack is out of the game.

  1. Easter Decorations
  2. Easter Pillow
  3. Nifty Easter Egg Carousel
  4. Easter Bunny Window
  5. Egg and Spoon Race Game
  6. SmartGames Jump in
  7. Jumping Jack Game

Easter Party Decorations

Easter Decorations

Present cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts in this ceramic Easter-themed snack stand with a bunny-figured stand. It makes an exquisite gift that won’t fail to entertain the kids at the Easter party. It is handcrafted by a skilled artisan. The kiln marks on the porcelain are proof of it being handmade. The snack stand is unsuitable to use in the dishwasher and microwave because of its irregular shape and thickness variations.

Easter Pillow

Order this set of four Easter-themed pillowcases and put them on the sofas in the living room on Easter day. These pillowcases will add to the Easter Party decorations. These can be put in the children’s room after the party. The pillowcases are printed on the one side only and the other side is blank. Each case is printed with a different pattern. They are manufactured with a high-quality linen fabric that is soft, comfortable and durable. The fabric is pilling free and it can be easily washed in the washing machine.

Nifty Easter Egg Carousel

This lovely Easter Egg Carousel makes a beautiful Easter decoration on the dining table. It has sockets to hold up about 12 easter eggs that measure 2” across which is the standard size. The lazy susan base allows it to rotate 360°. The white powder coating gives the carousel a pleasant look.

Easter Bunny Window

These easter bunny stickers will make a perfect decoration for your children room. It can stick to glass doors and windows, and ceramic tiles in the washroom or kitchen, You can improvise and use it in a beautiful way to decorate your home for the upcoming easter party.

Easter Games for Kids

The fun at your party should not stop after the Easter egg hunt. Get the party going with these fun easter games for the kids.

Egg and Spoon Race Game

Distribute eggs and spoons among the guests to have an “Egg and Spoon Race.” You can get these colorful spoons and eggs to add to the frivolity of the game. It includes a set of 6 wooden spoons and eggs of vibrant colors. The wood makes it safer and easier to play with and the wooden eggs do not cause the mess that the real eggs do.

SmartGames Jump in

Jump In is an entertaining Easter-themed game that can be a great individual and group activity on the easter party. It comes with the book that shows instructions to play the game, several challenges and their solutions as well. The goal in the game is to get the rabbits to jump in the holes safely. It is a perfect Easter game to build problem-solving and focusing skills in the kids above 7years.

Jumping Jack Game

Jumping Jack is the world’s cutest bunny game. It is suitable for kids age 4 years and 2 to 4 players can play this on time. The instructions to play the game are given on the pack. The spinner will tell how many carrots to take from Jack, the bunny. After you take the carrots, he will jump from his hill. You will have to catch him to win.