Gift Ideas for Friends

I know it is weird how you don’t know what would be a perfect gift for your friend whom you know so well. It feels as if the closer you are to someone the harder it is to choose to the right give for him/her. If you do not know your friend might like as a gift you can resort to the wearable gifts according to the gender. A pleasant addition to the wardrobe is always welcomed and appreciated. To impress your friend you can get the wearable of a good quality brand. Anyways, the following list of gift ideas for friends will help to find good non-wearable gifts for your special friend. The list will help you get an idea of finding the gift that your friend will really appreciate. The list contains handpicked items that are practical will help your friend go about hi/her daily business.

  1. Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree
  2. The Cloud Tree Wall Art Oil Painting
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. Smart Compact Key Holder Keychain
  5. Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug Tea Cup
  6. Artori Design Book Ends
  7. Friends Coasters
  8. Portable Battery Charger
  9. Headphones

Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree

Let there be some green in your friend’s house and office. A green plant would make a practical and artistic gift. The artificial plants do not need extra care and they do not die down but they don’t give oxygen like real ones. Help your friend decorate his/her house with natural or artificial plants. This artificial cedar bonsai tree would make a great embellishment as it looks like the real ones.

The Cloud Tree Wall Art Oil Painting

If your friend loves the fine art, you can look for some beautiful painting to gift him/her. This is an oil painting painted on a good quality polyester canvas. It is an ideal gift for your artist friend on Christmas or a birthday. The painting is available in 3 different sizes to choose from. All the 3 pieces have a hook on the wooden bar to hang it with.

Throw Pillow

Chandler Bing from F.R.I.E.N.D.S once said, “The cushions are the essence of the chair” and this is true. Get your friend the essence of the chair to let them be comfortable. If you are getting him/her a pillow, then look for one with a funny and cute saying like this one.

Smart Compact Key Holder Keychain

Get your friend this smart keychain on the upcoming Christmas and help him organize his bulk of keys. This keychain can contain about 38 keys in one place and make it easier to find the right key. The keychain is made of Carbon Fiber and stainless steel to make it durable and last forever. It includes other tools like a bottle opener, a carabiner, cash stash, extensions and 20 spacers.

Creative Ceramic Musician Coffee Mug Tea Cup

This beautiful coffee mug will be best suitable for a friend who loves music. The mug has a lid with a beautiful musical notes design and print. It is handmade to give it an artistic touch and feel. The ceramic is good quality and durable.

Artori Design Book Ends

This Supergal bookend will make a cute birthday gift for the best friend who has a large collection of books in his home. This bookend will make a unique and inspirational ornament for the bookshelves and turn them into art.

Friends Coasters

This set of coasters will be the best gift for your friend who loves the TV show, “F.R.I.N.D.S.” It is a set of 4 coasters each has a funny reference to the TV show. The references are; Smelly cat, Unagi, Pivot and Mmm Soup.

Portable Battery Charger

This portable charger will make a good Christmas gift for your friend. The power bank contains a build-in solar charger that can charge your phone outdoors. The storage capacity of the charger is 10000mAH which is enough considering it has a solar charger as well.


Your friend will love to have good headphones. Get these stylish headphones to your friend who listens to songs all the time. These are extremely comfortable to wear due to soft ear cushions. Your ears won’t hurt even if you wear them for a long period of time. These are suitable for both kids and adults alike. You can choose from six different cool colors.