Gifts for Neighbors

Neighbors come next to a family in a person’s circle. They are one with whom you share the joy on happy occasions. The best way to share happiness with your neighbor is by giving them a small present. The presents are usually exchanged between neighbors on occasions like Christmas, Thanks Giving and Halloween. However, a present to the neighbor is also a good way to break the ice when they move in the neighborhood. Or it can also be given to them when they are moving out of your neighborhood to fare them well. The present doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank a small and simple item can be heartfelt. I have compiled a list of gifts for neighbors that can be on any occasion and that will match your budget. This list will help you find a perfect gift that can spread happiness to the entire block.

  1. Kitchen Towel
  2. Jar Candle
  3. Coffee Mug Tea Cup
  4. Flower Planter Plant
  5. Willow Tree Friendship
  6. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
  7. Totoro Gray Apron
  8. Gift Basket Lavender Fragrance
  9. Handmade Peacock Wind Chime
  11. Calloway Mills
  12. Recipe Box
  13. Fluffy Slippers
  14. Nut Clusters Chocolate Gift Box

Kitchen Towel

Get this dishtowel to your neighbors if they are also your friends. It is made of good-quality cotton. It has a sweet message to your neighbors printed on it which reads, “Neighbors by Chance Friends by Choice.”

Jar Candle

This gift will be perfect for breaking the ice with your new neighbors. It is an aromatic candle. The scent comes in notes of lemongrass, orange, and violet. The wick is lead and zinc free, made of cotton. It comes in the package with the labeled that reads “Hello Neighbor.”

Coffee Mug Tea Cup

This tumbler will make a good gift for neighbors moving out. The funny message printed on it says, “Good Luck Finding Better Neighbors than Us” which will suit best when they are moving out of your neighborhood. The printing will last forever and won’t fade away with repeated washing. It is made up of Stainless Steel with powder coating.

Flower Planter Plant

These three owl-shaped plant pots with three-tier wooden saucers stand will be the best housewarming gifts for a new neighbor. The plants are not included; you can put plants of your own choice in them. It will make a beautiful decoration for the garden, desk, table, and bookshelf, etc.

Willow Tree Friendship

Present a Christmas gift to your neighbor cum best friend in this sculpted keepsake box. There’s a sweet sentimental message inside the box which says, “Forever true, forever friends.” The lid does not attach to the box. It is carved by the artist, Susan Lordi. She works in her studio in Kansas City. This keepsake box will effectively express your love to your neighbor who is also your best friend.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This Tibetan singing bowl set will make an exquisite thank you gift for your neighbors. The antique design makes it a beautiful ornament. The set includes a bowl, a dual surface mallet and a silk cushion that gives it a traditional look.

Totoro Gray Apron

Get this cute kitchen apron to your neighbors on the Christmas and spread some joy. It is made of good quality crinkle nylon. It will also be a perfect gift for the fanatics of “My Neighbor Totoro.”

Gift Basket Lavender Fragrance

A spa gift basket that includes all the accessories needed to have a relaxing bath would make a good welcome gift for new neighbors who have been tired from all the moving in. A calm bath will help your neighbor feel comfortable at their own home.

Handmade Peacock Wind Chime

Help your neighbors enjoy gentle evenings winds better with these colorful wind chimes. It can be given to your new neighbors to break the ice and as a gift for their new home.


Get this decorative stone with a message to your neighbors at the housewarming party. It is made of polystone and gives a hand-carved, rustic and artsy look. There’s a black easel at the back to keep it standing.

Calloway Mills

Help your neighbors get rid of their old threadbare doormat by gifting them a new one. The linked doormat is suitable for all seasons, weather and colorfast. The coir is durable that will scrape shoes clean. The vinyl backing keeps it from moving on the floor while scraping shoes.

Recipe Box

Treat your neighbors with this beautiful recipe box that comes with 24 recipe cards and 12 dividers to organize recipes. The size of the recipe cards is 4”x6” and you can get additional cards as well.

Fluffy Slippers

These fluffy and extremely comfortable slippers will make a good Christmas gift for your neighbors. These have a think, high-density cushioning that molds to the shape of the feet and make it even more comfortable. The textured soft bottom prevents slipping or sliding on the slippery surface.

Nut Clusters Chocolate Gift Box

Share joys with your neighbor with this cluster tray of chocolates. The cluster contains cashew patties, almond cluster, pecan patties, and caramel brittles. These are packed fresh for each order from the factory in the beautiful packing.