Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday

Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday

A return gift is a token of love and appreciation to your guests who helped you celebrate an occasion to make it memorable by being there for you or for your child. Your child’s first birthday is coming up and you have invited your special friends and family with their kids. It is understood that they are going to bring gifts to your child. Now, you are thinking about ways to thank them for coming and showing their love to your child. When the kids of your friends see your one-year-old child receiving gifts from the guests, they might feel a little left out or envious.  A return gift to these kids will take care of that and they will feel loved as well.

A return gift that will remind them of that memorable day is the best idea to return or win guest children’s affection. Return gifts to your guests don’t have to be expensive ones because it will put an extra burden on your pocket as you have to care about decoration, food, and cake as well. It should be a small item that matches the theme of the birthday party or such a gift that will remind them of your child’s birthday every time they look at it. A return gift, no matter how small it may be, will make your guests feel more important and loved. Here are some return gift ideas for the 1st birthday of your child. Let’s dive in!!!

  1. Dinosaur Coloring Book for Kids
  2. Mesh Pencil Holder Metal Pencil Cup
  3. Modern Decorative Gardening Pot
  4. Bags for School, Kids, Women
  5. Baked Cookies for Kids
  6. Unfinished Solid Crafting Wooden Picture Frames
  7. Braided Woven Friendship Bracelets For Boys Girls
  8. Cute Animal Funny Bookmarks
  9. Glowing Stars for Kids
  10. Mini Car Toys for Kids
  11. Stuffed Toys Set
  12. Bathtime Toys for Kids
  13. Potli Candy Bags for Kids
  14. Set of Story Books for Kids
  15. Coaster for Kids
  16. Fidget Spinners for Kids
  17. Personalized Pencils
  18. Colored Flameless Candles
  19. Piggy Bank for Kids
  20. Fridge Magnet for Kids

Dinosaur Coloring Book for Kids

Coloring books to your child’s future friends will be a good return gift to them. If the theme of the birthday party is dinosaurs, then they linked coloring book will best suit it. To make it a little more special, you can write a note at the beginning of the books. It will make it more memorable.

Mesh Pencil Holder Metal Pencil Cup

Treat the kids with these metallic pencil cups when they are leaving the party. It will make them remember the good time they had at your child’s first birthday party.

Modern Decorative Gardening Pot

Give these plant pots to your guests in which they can grow any plant they like. It will excite love for the plants in the little kids.

Bags for School, Kids, Women

It is one of the most important responsibilities of the parents to inculcate the love of nature and consciousness to save the planet. These reusable cloth bags as return gifts will help to make them aware of using eco-friendly items that can make a great difference.

Baked Cookies for Kids

These fun cookies as a return gift will keep kids happy long after the birthday party (or as long as the cookies will last).

Unfinished Solid Crafting Wooden Picture Frames

Photo frames will make a great return gift. You can ask guests to put one of the pictures from the birthday party in the frame to remember the day.

Braided Woven Friendship Bracelets For Boys Girls

Give these friendship bracelets as a token of appreciation to the children for making the day memorable. These bracelets will make you come off as a cool parent and the kids will love you for it.

Cute Animal Funny Bookmarks

These cute bookmarks can also be used as rulers. These will make a perfect return gift for your guests to remember the day by.

Glowing Stars for Kids

These glowy stars on the ceilings of your guests will be a perfect return gift. It will remind them of your child’s first birthday whenever they look at the ceiling before falling asleep.

Mini Car Toys for Kids

Boys love car toys more than any other. This set of 25 pull-back cars and trucks will solve your problem to find a return gift for a bunch of kids.

Stuffed Toys Set

These stuffed animals will make perfect return gifts for the kids below the age of 5. These are made of super-soft suede material and are filled with super-soft fluffy cotton.

Bathtime Toys for Kids

Waddle Bathtime Toys Farm Animal Bath Toy Squirters Cow Pig Sheep Horse and More

Potli Candy Bags for Kids

Fill these mesh party bags with candies and chocolates for return gifts and see pretty smiles blossoming on kids’ faces.

Set of Story Books for Kids

Every kid loves Disney movies. These Disney storybooks will excite the love of reading in the kids and they will have something that reminds them of your child’s first birthday.

Coaster for Kids

These funny emoji coasters made of cork will make the best return gifts on the first birthday of your child.

Fidget Spinners for Kids

Fidget spinner is a fun and cool toy for kids. This set of various colored fidget spinners can help you with the return gift problem.

Personalized Pencils

These colorful pencils with cute erasers at the back end can also be given as return gifts to the kids. A pack includes 24 wooden pencils with different patterns on them.

Colored Flameless Candles

These flameless candles with remote control and timer is a perfect return gift on birthdays. It is a set of 10 candles. The color of the candle can be changed with the remote. It is made from a good quality plastic which looks like candle wax. You can give away a single piece to each guest as a token of thankfulness.

Piggy Bank for Kids

A piggy bank is the best way to impart the habit of saving money in the kids. Treat your guests with this cute looking piggy bank and win their hearts.

Fridge Magnet for Kids

Kids will love to have fridge magnets from the host of a birthday party. This set of fridge magnet includes 32 pieces of cute looking animals with their names under them which can help toddlers learn animal names.