Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving is celebrated as a national holiday in the United States, Canada, Liberia and in various Caribbean islands. All these countries celebrate thanksgiving on different dates; in the US it is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November and in Canada, on the second Monday of October. Historically, it was celebrated to be thankful for a good harvest in the preceding year. Thanksgiving is celebrated with a grand household dinner with family and friends. The main course of the Thanksgiving dinner is a turkey which is deemed to be a symbol of nature’s productivity. It is not necessary to bring a gift to thanksgiving dinner but it is a good idea to bring something as a token of thankfulness to the host who has taken pains in cooking and arranging the dinner table. I have compiled a list of thanksgiving gift ideas to assist you in finding a suitable gift for the host of the dinner.

  1. HOME SMILE Aunt Gifts
  2. Wine Bottle Label Stickers
  3. Bambusi Organic Cheese Board and Knife Set
  4. Cooking Gloves and Potholders
  5. Thanksgiving Pillow Covers
  6. Fill In Game Cards


Cook some delicious food and present it in this trinket dish to the host of the party. There are 24 different messages for you to choose from according to the occasion and what relationship you have with the host. You will be able to help the host and she will absolutely love it.

Wine Bottle Label Stickers

Gift a wine bottle with one of these sticker labels on in to be thankful for the host for the dinner. The size of each sticker is 4”x5” which is perfect for the 750ml wine bottle.

Bambusi Organic Cheese Board and Knife Set

This bamboo cheese board would make a perfect thanksgiving gift. It would double the pleasure of eating slices of English Cheddar, French Vacherin, and Italian Ricotta with a glass of wine with friends on thanksgiving holiday.

Cooking Gloves and Potholders

Oven mitts and pot holders are some of the most practical gifts that go with the Thanksgiving theme. The linked potholders and oven mitts are made of silicone which is food grade safe material. They are extremely flexible, durable, heat resistant and easy to wash.

Thanksgiving Pillow Covers

This set 4 fall harvest themed pillow covers are perfect items to bring a splash of fall color to your host’s home. These are made of cotton linen material so it is better to tumble dry on low.

Fill In Game Cards

Filling in these game cards would be a fun activity for the kids while you are busy preparing dinner. It will be a great substitute for the thanksgiving scavenger hunt if you do not want your kids to go running around in the house while you are laying dishes on the table.